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How To Learn Digital Marketing Online

Just a few years ago, digital marketing or internet marketing seemed something new, unexplored and outlandish. Little was spoken about it and not always specifically and to the point. Today, digital marketing has evolved from the whims of large companies into the sometimes harsh, but generally vital reality that must be reckoned with to be successful.

Internet marketing is the practice of using all aspects of traditional marketing on the Internet, with the aim of selling a product or service to customers and managing relationships with them. The central element of the complex Internet marketing is a product that you sell through the Internet.


Is it possible to learn Internet marketing somewhere? Or selected practitioners only who have learned everything themselves, taking hard knocks, can understand this area? We believe that it is possible, but just carefully.

All courses cost a certain amount of money. Therefore, the question is always of current interest: “Do knowledge necessarily cost money?”

No, not at all. In the age of information, one can obtain technology for free, given the will. Let us tell you what actions and projects exist that allow acquiring useful knowledge, not on a commercial basis.

Online education:

Today, it is quite common to learn on online portals by oneself. You can study at any time and spend as much time as you want. Here are just a few of the most authoritative and cool projects:

Google has a solid course – Online Marketing Challenge. Its creators promise that after completing the course, you will be able to understand the strategic goals of your business better and, as a result, develop a competent marketing strategy. Before the start of training, you can take a particular preparatory course, which will help to understand the topic better and get the most out of the lessons.

The Coursera has a specialized course in digital marketing. The course is in English. You can learn how to set up your brand in the market correctly, guess the desires of the target audience and develop creative promotion companies. One can take the course for free. If you want to write a thesis and get a certificate, you will have to pay.

“Netology” offers to take some free courses on internet marketing. If you wish, you can pay and receive a certificate of attendance. They tell about the very profession of an internet marketing specialist, about SMM and brand positioning in social networks, about selling content, targeted advertising and other marketing joys.

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It is not necessary to enter the University of Pennsylvania to learn how American students study Internet marketing. At Coursera you can take a completely free university introductory course, which consists of three modules. It is branding, learning user behavior, marketing in the B2C sphere. specializes in business courses. The whole educational block is devoted to internet marketing. It consists of 83 training videos for 8 minutes. The user is offered to take a test or quiz to consolidate skills. The free version is available for five days, so take the course as a shock intensity.

Not wrong online marketing encyclopedia collected on the portal HubSpot Academy. All submissions are in English. Therefore, here it is, a reason to pull up a foreign language finally. Not video materials are available only, but also articles about Internet marketing and all its components. You can even get a training certificate. It is possible for all comers.

Do you dream to learn to understand such services as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google AdSense? Then go to the Alison portal. They offer a free detailed course on e-commerce, during which you will understand what to do with statistics and how to read it correctly.

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