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Things You Need to Know Before Applying Google Adsense

Everyone has Different Passions in Different fields, People like me, Bloggers are Passionate in blogging so why don’t we take it as an advantage and earn some buck while fulfilling your passion or writing and blogging!

If you want to learn  What is Google Adsense?  and more about earning with Adsense , use the search box at the side bar of this blog and search for “Adsense” to read multiple articles I have already published about it.

I am writing articles on this blogs and get paid by google, google has different products like Gmail, Google Drive,etc.. .in that Google AdSense is one product which allows you to monetize your blog or website with the advertisement.

If you have blog or website you can apply for Adsense and can become Google Adsense partner.

But, Getting Google Adsense approval is not an easy thing, it has some rules and policy,  I am going to discuss below what are the rules of thumbs to get your AdSense application approved.

So,  let us start !!!!

8 Important points to Know before applying Adsense

#1. Sufficient Content :

Content is Kind you may have heard this if you are in blogging and content marketing world. 🙂 Remember one important thing before applying Google Adsense that is Content what you have written on your blog/website.

What type of content also matters!  these are the restricted category if your blog is around these topics then your Google Adsense application will not be approved.

  • Pornography/Adult materials
  • Pirated Content
  • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff

These content types get the rejection or they are not eligible for AdSense if you are not in this category then you can apply but don’t forget to check your content quality.

  • It shouldn’t contain any spelling and Grammatically mistakes
  • Number of Article also matters We need to at-least 20 articles in that five articles must contain 1000-1500 words, it is not mandatory but it creates the impression to the person who reviews your blog since Blog reviewing is a manual process.
  • Content shouldn’t be hateful to anyone, it should be useful.

#2. Some Important Pages like Contact us, Privacy policy, About us

Don’t worry about the creation of privacy policy, Terms of policy etc there are thousand of website and tools available online to generate automatically pre-written TOC, Privacy Policy pages.

You can also copy from other blogs, but don’t forget to write about us page since according to your unique blog and you.  you should say clearly about us to the user, so google AdSense reviewer will check Privacy policy, About us and terms of policies.

For contact us page,  we many many plugins like contact form 7, gravity form etc just install anyone.

#3. We need to follow Google Adsense Policies

your blog/website designs matters since design not good, It meant it don’t have clear navigation.
Traffic, where we are getting, is also matters, it should be organic and genuine, there should not be any spamming.

#4. Verify your name and email address

When we apply for google adsense we need to provide email and name,

so that same name and Email should be used on about us page on your blog,

So when Google5 Adsense reviewer thinks that blog is genuine and You get approval very soon.

#5. Your Age also matters

Your age should be at least 18 years old in order to become Google Adsense partner yes it’s gogole Adsense policy which doesn’t allow children to use AdSense.

#6. Language

Google Adsense has only certain languages from all over the world so let’s have look at below table, only these languages are eligible for AdSense.

google adsense

#7. Domain Age  Matters 

Domain age should not be less than 45* days, it should be at least 45 days old, its myth that blog should be 6 months old for Google Adsense approval.


If your blog is fulfilling all above-mentioned Adsense application requirement then go ahead and apply for Adsense.
Most of us get the rejection when we apply first time like due to lack of information and knowledge about this google Adsense platform, but read their policy properly before applying can get Google Adsense approval easily.

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