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Is Email Marketing Effective for Moving Companies in 2021?

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In these digital times we live in, there is no shortage of ideas flying around on what you can do to increase your moving company’s digital footprint where, as they’ll tell you, is “Where it’s at”. And that if you’re not active on online platforms, you’re missing out on all the business.

Which is true…to a point.

Every business that prides itself on being modern has to hop on the digital bandwagon, no two ways about it. We’re in 2021, not 2004, so things like a company website are not optional, but a must for every local moving company worth its salt. As is having a social media presence.

However, setting yourself up on these areas just for the sake of it is not enough. Having a business website and creating social media accounts alone is not enough. These facets need to work for you and at the end of the day, the time and effort that goes into them should translate on the bottom line.

It’s not any different in the case of email marketing.

Email marketing has been around since forever, and sort of feels passé in this day and age. But it might surprise you to know that this Internet marketing mainstay is still effective and will be effective well beyond 2021.

Matter of fact, even in this age of social media, email marketing is the better bet, with a report from McKinsey & Company noting that email is 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring new customers.

Customer acquisition aside, email is also the channel that promises the highest marketing ROI, with every ONE dollar you spend bringing in $38 in return.

Let that sink in…

As with the other avenues of marketing your business online, however, it requires a proper plan if you want to reap any fruits from it.

Going through the motions just so you can say you’re running an email marketing campaign can end up being a waste of money and everyone’s valuable time. As is assuming a scattergun approach with no clear plan and objective.

So then, what do you need to do to make email marketing work for your moving company in 2021 and beyond?

Glad you asked!

It starts with a substantial (AND quality) list

If you’re going to start an email marketing campaign for your moving business, aim for not less than 300 email addresses; 400 minimum if you can. Anything less than will just be a waste of time.

At the same time, you don’t want email addresses with zero potential. As a local mover, you want email addresses of people within your locale – city or even state.

Similarly, your list largely needs to comprise potential referrals in your line of work – think property managers, realtors, senior living homes, apartment complexes etc. Don’t forget friends and family too.

The content inside matters

The average internet user receives several emails on any given day, so if you want your target reader to not simply open but keep opening your newsletters, you need to give them value with the content inside.

It needs to be useful to them – a newsletter targeted at realtors will be of zero use to say, college students.

That aside, you also need to create quality, entertaining content that will give your readers even more impetus to open it. Don’t just make your newsletters a marketing avenue to promote your moving services. Provide entertaining articles as well. And occasional offers.

Great service should be at the heart of it

Email marketing will increase your referrals – IF done right.

However, you can send out the best newsletters in the world but if your previous customers feel aggrieved in some way by your services, your efforts are not only likely to be stone-walled, but also some of these customers can tell others not to bother with your services.

Conversely, if you go out of your way to make your customers happy through great service, chances are they’ll give you repeat business and recommend you to their connects – family, friends, co-workers etc.

Don’t forget the trucks and crew!

What about them?

A newsletter needs to be appealing in terms of aesthetics too – not look like it was concocted in a text document.

Stock photos are a good source of nice visual images, but you can go one further and use actual photos of your trucks and crew in action. That gives your emails a more personal touch. Just make sure not to reuse the same images week-in week-out for years on end.

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