Instagram Based WordPress Themes For Revolutionizing Your Website

Instagram is defined as a popular visual social network, coming with an app based design. Right from its inception, it has already created a name for itself and a traffic, which can make anyone a star just, if your business is still not in Instagram, you should try creating a profile now! IG is not just a popular platform for the celebs but even for the generic people. Right now, it has an active user base of over 300 million on a monthly scale. It helps in displaying stronger potential for promoting products and business by just building solid following. You can always use the platform for your advantage by just integrated WP with IG.

There are some impeccable IG WP themes available for you to choose from. It is always important to get along with the features first before you can finalize on the theme you like for revolutionizing your business deals.


Are you eyeing for that elegant, stylish and powerful WP blog theme for multi-purpose option? If so, then Carrie might be the choice for you. It is one of the best ones in market, designed for personal blog. The design is a unique one with loads of options.

  • Changing fonts
  • Layouts
  • Changing colors
  • Post views and more

This platform comprises of a built-in slider, which comes with Slider Revolution. This inclusion is just awesome and will offer unique visual experience to showcase content in so many ways for sure.

carrie theme

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It is a superior form of WordPress theme, which has been crafted with some great attention to details. Moreover, this theme is highly suitable for corporate and personal use. The project comes with timeless design and a promising layout of the Alpha blog. The services are designed with smart customized options, for allowing customized typography, layout and even colors for matching needs.

  • This theme is going to be bloat free in nature and quite easy to customize as well. The WP theme is just outstanding.
  • The coding ensures maximum compatibility, which comes with some of you favorite plugins.
  • You can also get to create, share and even publish content with Alpha-Blog and it is going to cost you few dollars only.

alpha blog wp theme

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The amazing Brooklyn Indie Band

This is a form of clean, pretty and elegant theme, suitable for matching your needs. It is not just going to make the internet presentations easier for the bands, but will help them a lot in showcasing their products and services in best way possible. Brooklyn Indie Band cannot be just defined as a WP theme but it is much more than that. It comprises of so many assets, which will just make the band looks perfect. The theme comprises of some of the major features and it is going to cost you around $39.

Download Brooklyn  Theme  |  Get WP Hosting

New York

This WordPress theme is mainly patronized by various bloggers and can cater to all of them with ease. This section comprises of a minimal, clean and fast design, which can promote sharing content to captivate readers’ attention. After you end up using New York, you won’t feel like using any other options. Those WP themes will look bloated, messy and quite hard to work with.

Here, you just have to install the theme and activate it, and you are all set to start blogging. This theme comprises of 3 different blog styles and with amazing features. You can get this theme by just investing as low as $19!

Download NewYork Theme  |  Get WP Hosting


When compared to other blog sites, Jarsen definitely stands out in the crowd. It comprises of a classic and simple style. With the help of Bootstrap grid system for the current templates, it is always able to make the blog adapt well to each one of the drive. This theme comprises of lot of responsiveness, possibilities and optimization services.

  • The theme is made retina ready.
  • If that’s not enough, it is fully responsive in nature.
  • This theme is perfect for Instagram, newsletter and so many other widgets.

The services are rather easier for anyone to customize, even if you don’t have any technical know-how. It is not going to cost you more than $50 at any cost!

Download Jarsen Theme  |  Get WP Hosting


This is a responsive form of personal WP blog theme, which is made suitable for showcasing any professional achievements, sharing knowledge and can further be used for daily dairy of life on online web. This is a premium form of personal blog WP theme, which has the most convenient options in building all sorts of professional and personal blog websites. There are three different types of home page variations and with so many post styles. The services are solely based on Bootstrap CSS framework and will not cost you over $20.

Download Carrie Theme  |  Get WP Hosting


Everly is a reputed WP theme, designed for blog and comes with a clean and bold design. It is just perfect for creating personalized blog websites. The design is quite trendy and comes with pure elegance. It helps in adding that value to your website and can be promoted in befitting manner for sure. The services come in so many features like full width layout and sidebar layout. There are around 4 layouts available and a space to offer revolution slider. There are some white spaces above footer to give you chance to add more side bars. What about the cost? This amazing WP blog based theme with so many features will cost you a mere $39!

Download Everly Blog Theme  |  Get WP Hosting


This kind of tailor-made WP blog theme is used for displaying content in elegant and modern style. It comprises of popular features like featured slider, carousel, neat header and even user friendly option panel. There are some more cool features involved in this section. This theme comes with so many layout options and posts with over 600 Google Fonts. It is easier to setup and install.

Download Winston WP Theme  |  Get WP Hosting

These are few options you can try for developing a blog site in Word Press. For some extra options, logging online can help you big time!

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