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Important SEO Ranking Factors 2020

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Many bloggers work hard on their pages and websites but are yet not able to achieve the right and optimum amount of traffic. Well, lack of SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) can be one of the major reasons.

Let’s see how Google works on our pages first!

Google is a search engine that uses web spiders. Whenever any search query appears, these spiders match the keywords used by the client in their search with those present in the headings, subheadings or the content in the pages put up by the content writers. The sites that match with the maximum keywords are ranked up in the search results. But there are numerous other SEO ranking factors as well which have been clearly highlighted by Google in 2020(revised).


So now we’ll dwell deeper into the most crucial factors of 2020 which can help you to improve on your page ranking tremendously.


Website and Content Authority

One way Google distinguishes your site as a trustworthy and reliable one is by looking at the amount of direct website traffic and brand queries it gets. It definitely affects the top 10 positions on Google.

Direct website traffic: It comes from people directly typing your exact website URL or accessing the site from their bookmarks.

Brand Queries: It means that your website name comes up in the search keywords filled in by the user for conducting their searches. The more brand queries you have, the better the reputation your brand/ website earns.


Domain Security and URL

You should also focus on having the right kind of dynamic URLs that Google’s spiders can easily reach and recommend. Also, John Mueller has tweeted that having ‘HTTPS is great for users’ and is a ‘lightweight ranking factor’.

Secure websites are always the most sought after ones. Google has made it very easy to recognize the secure sites having an https:// by putting a green padlock and the word “secure” in the address bar.

You can secure your website by getting an SSL certification (Secure Sockets Layer). It’s the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure. Getting SSL certification is simple and quick. First, host with a dedicated IP address. Buy SSL certificate. Get your certificate verified and validated. Install your SSL certificate. Redirect the HTTP version to the secure HTTPS version.


Social Presence

There is a direct connection between social sharing and higher rankings even though Google doesn’t count the social involvement of the site as a direct factor. Here’s how this helps!

More social presence means more people coming across your site and visiting it which eventually helps in getting a good name for your site in Google’s records. Hence, you should have an active account on any of the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.


User Experience

Google aims to provide the best experience to its users, therefore, those sites are preferred which offer an interactive, smooth and easy user experience, that is, sites that are easy to navigate and provides relevant information in a user-friendly format.

It also depends on a few more factors like click-through rate, bounce rate and dwells time.

Click through rate: Users visiting your site after it comes up in the search results. It indicates the popularity and usefulness of your site.

Bounce rate: Users who bounce away from your site after visiting it which means that the site didn’t have the relevant content and didn’t come out to be useful.


Dwell Time: How long users stay after arriving at your site. To increase the dwell time put up links to your more related posts on your website, include highly visual content like images, videos, and GIFs (since they are shared often too.) Longer dwell time leaves a good impact on your site.


Website Speed and Mobile Friendliness

A new search engine algorithm named ‘Speed Update’ has been a new factor mentioned by Google in their list of SEO ranking factors in July 2018.

Since Google’s main purpose is to serve its users at its best if your site comes out to be slow and resulting in a poor user experience then your site is definitely going to lose out on the SEO rankings.

Your site should also come out to be mobile friendly and load fast on mobile devices (because according to a study, more people use mobile devices than desktops). Mobile friendliness includes:

  1. Whether the site fits into the device size automatically.
  2. Easily accessible by the menus provided
  3. Whether you are using large fonts for easy readability on the small screen.
  4.  An attractive website design.


To improve on these grounds, you can use Google’s mobile testing tool.


Networks over the Web

Linking is an efficient way of improving your SEO rankings.

When an authoritative site contains backlinks to your sites showing out your content to be a relevant piece of work, it leaves a good impression for Google to perceive your website to be of immense significance as well. Also, it increases traffic and shows that you are creating good quality content for your audience.

It is better to link your own pages together at the same time too.

Finally, also keep a check that getting linked to low-quality domains can hamper your reputation too.


Professional SEO: 

How hiring an SEO Expert in India could be a great boost to your website!

Ideally, in order to boost your website business to a great extent, you must hire an SEO expert. The expert would know exactly which words or phrases must be included in the content of your site which can act as keywords occurring more frequently in searches related to your website’s niche.


An expert can make your website a delight for the user by adding extensive visual content (like infographics, charts and graphs and videos), by putting up the original research posts gathered to build the content, by incorporating accurate and to the point data (also attracts users over the web due to shortage of time in today’s scenario) and by using creative templates including proper menus and links where ever required making your site even more user friendly.

By producing high quality and highly shareable content, your website gets more referring domains as well.


Conclusion: These are the Important SEO Ranking Factors 2020 you should apply to rank your website. Social presence, website speed, mobile-friendliness, user experience, backlinking these are the crucial factors for SEO ranking in 2020.


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