Understanding the Importance of Web Hosting in Blogging

Understanding the Importance of Web Hosting in Blogging

The blogging phenomenon has been a wonderful thing for individuals and businesses alike. Never has it been easier to publish content and share your thoughts with an audience that actually wants to hear what you have to say.

There is much to gain from this practice, but blogging forces you to make some very tough decisions. Among those decisions is where and how to host your blog.

Blog Services vs Web Hosting

When it comes to hosting a blog, you pretty much have two choices: you can host it with a free blog service, or you can host it with a web hosting service.

Both are viable options for getting up and running with a blog, but each is generally suited for different types of bloggers.

Going with a traditional blog service is the easiest path you can take. They are usually free to use, require very little technical knowledge, and provide all the tools needed to create and manage your blog site.

The downside to these services lies in the limitations. With a traditional blog service, you are typically limited in terms of functionality, customization possibilities, and domain. Because of these limitations, this type of service is best suited for individuals.

Running a blog through a web hosting service is the best option for serious bloggers and businesses.

This option, often called self-hosted blogging, gives you unrivaled flexibility in the way of features, customization, and even your domain.

For instance, you often have the ability to add whatever functionality your blog requires, tweak various core aspects at the source code, and choose a professional domain that reads more like “myblog.com”, opposed to “myblog.somebodyelsesblogservice.com”.

Choosing a Web Hosting Solution for Your Blog

Web hosting is the path to true blogging freedom, but it isn’t necessarily a hassle-free ride. Without a reliable business web hosting provider to back you up, this route can be a bumpy disaster.

Take note of the key factors that need to be considered when seeking a web hosting company for your blog.

Blog Software

You will find that most blog-friendly web hosting companies offer a variety of options software. Choosing the right software is crucial because it determines the platform you will be using to run your blog site. Here are three popular choices you may have:

1. WordPress  – This software is a favorite of bloggers all over the world. WordPress offers nearly endless customization possibilities, which means you can just about whatever functionality you need.

Nowadays managed WordPress hosting is a popular choice for the bloggers but that is very costly. However, WordPress hosting from GoDaddy is affordable and comes with many benefits.

2. b2evolution – You don’t hear much about it, but b2evolution is quietly one of best blogging platforms out there. This software allows you to seamlessly run multiple blogs, support multiple users, manage your content at an advanced level.

3. Nucleus CMS – Some consider this software a lightweight CMS due to its rich content management functionality. The nucleus is ideal for blogs that require regular updates, and administrators who require a lot of flexibility.


When you go the web hosting route and take on a self-hosted blog, the responsibility of getting that blog running is all on you.

This means you have to install it. I’ll tell you now — unless you’re master of server and database administration, installing a piece of blog software will likely be a challenge.

For this reason, you want to look for something that makes the installation process as easy possible.

Luckily, many web hosts accommodate aspiring bloggers with built-in utilities that automate installation.

Typically found in the control panel, these tools literally allow you to install a blog in a few clicks of the mouse. Even if you do know your way around a server, the convenience here is hard to beat.


Web hosting companies are not affiliated with blog software vendors, so you’re going to have to rely on the community of whatever platform you choose for support.

However, the host is fully responsible for providing an environment that keeps your blog online.

It would be a shame if you were able to generate tons of traffic, only to disappoint them with a site that runs slow or is always down due to technical problems.

Do your research and make sure you choose a reliable blog hosting partner.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Many of the popular blog applications are free, but you have to pay for the web hosting plan needed to run it on your own.

Several companies offer service at a very affordable price, so when you take the time to understand what you need and what to look for, you will be able to find a solution that offers the best bang for your buck.

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