Hustle - The Power to charge your life with Money by Niel Patel [Review]


Hustle: The Power to charge your life with Money by Niel Patel

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In Hustle, Neil Patel, Patrick Vlaskovits, and Jonas Koffler―three of the nation’s top entrepreneurs and consultants―have allied to teach you how to glimpse at work and life through a new lens that supports your talents, growth, income, and happiness.

This is the 2nd book review from my article series: Unpacking My Library

Neil Patel is born in London, California. He is the co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar. He helps companies like NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom and other major brands in growing their revenue. Neil Patel was also named a Top Entrepreneur Under the Age of 30 by President Obama. He speaks to the world and lives in Seattle, Washington.Neil-Patel Photo

Patrick Vlaskovits, arrived in California from Hungary when he was 6 years old. He is an entrepreneur and the New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur. His writing has been highlighted in the Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal, and he speaks at technology conferences nationally and internationally, including SXSW, GROW Conference, The Turing Festival, and The Lean Startup Conference. He is founder and CEO of Superpowered Inc. He along with his family (his wife and three children) live in Austin, Texas.vlaskovits


Jonas Koffler, is a creative media consultant, producer, writer, and entrepreneur. He gives opinions internationally recognized thought leaders, TED speakers, and creative artists, helps organizations innovate, develops strategy and intellectual property for startups, billion-dollar companies, and nonprofit organizations alike, invests in new ventures, and has contributed to numerous bestselling books, music, TV and film projects at his boutique storytelling consultancy, A stroke survivor-turned-yoga practitioner, he cofounded Radical Wellness Inc. and has developed one of the leading online communities for self-care. He and his wife break down their time between Austin, Texas, New York, and Vancouver, Canada, where he is presently developing a narrative feature film project.Author JONAS KOFFLER



HUSTLE: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum, provides today’s generation with the capacity to think and cross the boundaries that people generate so far to be called as a success. Hustle also plane opportunity to pursue dreams on their own terms.

Hustle Book back coverHustle Book Front Cover









The author team of Neil Patel, Patrick Vlaskovits, and Jonas Koffler, three unconventional entrepreneurs.  Three of them have different experiences include immigrant families, rags to riches rises, crushing health and financial setbacks, as well as remarkable success, including founding multimillion dollar ventures and developing innovative, award-winning projects. What they have in common is a lifelong dedication & passion for building unapologetically fulfilling and successful lives around the three key pillars of this book:

  • Meaning (the why of our work),
  • Money (the earnings we make to build our confidence), and
  • Momentum (relentless energy and a ‘get things done’ attitude).

When all three are in same and equal portion, they form the foundation for a winning strategy that anyone can apply for big breakthroughs, maximum returns, and sustained personal growth.

Hustle is a step-by-step guide to getting away from the 9-5 lifestyle and making your dreams practical and reality. It lays out the scenario you really need to realize the work you enjoy and get the confidence and motivation to be in charge of your own adventures. In a world where loyalty doesn’t translate into success learn how to get ahead and discover a more imaginative way of living.

After the introduction, the first section of the book is the heart. The book has split  into three main sections:

The Heart: The Head: The Habits


The heart section focuses on the value of owning one’s dreams and not renting them. It’s exactly where we start seeing why this isn’t your typical “Do what you love” style book.

The traditional success equation is  like this that we always asked to follow:

Success = hard work X luck

But it’s not the case in Hustle. In hustle success seems to be different:

Success = hustle X Luck X Your Unique Talents

We’re introduced to talent perception and the Lake Wobegon effect. This is an entity check that most of the books don’t furnish you and self-deception is out and your ego pulled back into its box. There’s a powerful example of how you can be pulled into the cycle of suck.control your life

The references to the fact what we choose to do reflect who we are. As someone who supports businesses with their blogging activity Can think of no better way of reflecting who we are to the outside world.


In the Head section of the book.  It makes a change to read a book that calls out the why lie and share what you can do instead.


Although only 2 pages in the book, this part is incredibly impactful. If you’re running around in circles and pondering that knowing you’re why and pursuing your passions will make a difference in this section you’ll confront that you’re barking up the wrong tree; the squirrel ran up the other one.

Betray Yourself to Stay loyal to Yourself: Develop your full creative potential.

Use the 10-Minute Rule: Activate immediate focus and productivity and expand your talents while avoiding the narrow, paralyzing trap of the 10,000 hours rule.

PortfCreate a Personal Opportunity olio (POP): Build assets that will replace your resume, increase your credibility, attract people, and put you in the act of opportunity regulator.

Master the Science of Luck: Capitalize on the four types of luck and never strike out.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Pursue four powerful career paths to own your future.


The book also falls deeply into POP that is Personal Opportunity Portfolio. This is in the habits section for a good reason. You will benefit from getting your ducks in a row.

The best part of this section is how it’s designed to take action and implement your hustle. A lot of business books give you a taster of what you can do and leave you wondering how to implement it. The habits section shows you this in detail.Change-Your-Habits


In the Proof section there’s a breakdown of what to include:

Discoverability – how are you found in the search engines

Experiential – sharing your work in multiple formats

Positioning / Image / Story  – working through your story’s narrative

Quirky luck – what sets you apart

But whatever you do, be sure to sidestep at all costs what the authors call “the Mediocrity of Meh.” Not sure how to do so? The authors share their Three Unseen Laws of Hustle:

  • Hustle in Your Heart: Do something that moves you. This imbues you with energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. Don’t worry about so-called passion, just set the wheels of possibility in motion.
  • Hustle in Your Head: Keep your head up and your eyes open. Embrace risk and look for hidden opportunity and ways to manufacture luck. A little luck goes a long way.
  • Hustle in Your Habits: Seal the deal and make it real. Turn an opportunity into a value exchange. Concrete transactions generate growth, upside optionality, and proof.

i am hustlin everyday

The American Dream isn’t gone. But the way to achieve it has drastically changed. If we give ourselves passion to dream and do-or, in other words, hustle-we will reap the rewards we deserve. HUSTLE is the much-needed blueprint for empowering a restless generation who crave more freedom, mobility, and happiness. More than a business mantra; HUSTLE is a transformative guide to discovering your talents, finding what you adore to do-and, most importantly, creating more success and meaningful possibilities for an enriching life.

Praise for HUSTLE

The authors of Hustle traded in the humdrum corporate life for one of opportunity and adventure. If you’re looking for the same kind of exit ramp, read this book, soak up its contagious energy, and get ready to do some hustling.”

Dan Heath, co-author of Made to Stick, Switch, and Decisive

A must-read for anyone willing to take some risk and create success on your own terms.”

Rana Florida, bestselling author of Upgrade and CEO of the Creative Class Group

Hustle will help you explore your unique talents and quirks, and discover more fulfillment in the process.”

Raj Raghunathan, Professor at the McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin and Author of If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy


CONCLUSION: This is the conclusion of the book,  The book has a satisfactory ending. You’re left with the feeling that you’ve had a lovely meal, not too much and not too little and now you’d like the coffee. This is where the additional book related website is valuable.

What one will not like about Hustle is.. front cover as it does the book no justice the black text, yellow background, and red sub-text imply this is a book of action. It is, but it’s gentle action. It is contradictory to the words inside.

Once you read, you’ll find that your future is one that you’re going to look forward to with enormous deal of joyful anticipation and Hustle will help you get there.

More than just an inspirational career guide, Hustle desire to fundamentally transform the way you work and live, and give yourself permission to thrive in today’s uncertain world.

Hustle is a basically 246 pages long. It’s a quick and enjoyable read.  You can Buy on


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