HubSpot CRM Review 

HubSpot is one of the best CRM apps and has been awarded Best CRM Software for 2019. It is a free and easy app that allows your sales team to manage your customers without any hassle.  

In this century companies have started analyzing the need for CRM and this app helps those firms in getting started quickly. 

HubSpot Features: 

  • Email and Website Integration 
  • Website Integration 
  • HubSpot Marketing Synchronization 
  • Tracking, Templates & Scheduling. 
  • Social Media 
  • Website Visitors 
  • Company Database 
  • Email Connections 
  • CRM Details 


  • Easy and Intuitive interface 
  • Multiple Connectivity 
  • Educate their users 
  • Email Integration facility 
  • Customizable Templates and Reports 


  • Basic Reporting 
  • Onboarding Fee 
  • Lots of Configuration Required 

HubSpot’s Pricing Plans: 

  • Free Trial 
  • Free 
  • Starter – $50 
  • Professional – $800 
  • Enterprise – $2400 

HubSpot CRM is 100% Free and includes the following features: 

  • Contact and Company Features 
  • Contact Management 
  • Company Records 
  • Gmail and Outlook Integration 
  • Email Scheduling 
  • Email Templates 
  • Email tracking 
  • Live Chat 
  • Meeting 
  • Tasks 
  • Conversational Bots 
  • Prospects 
  • Dashboard 
  • Contact Connectivity 
  • Facebook and Instagram lead ads 
  • Conversation Box 
  • Ticketing  
  • Forms 

Technical Details: 

Supported Device: 

  • Windows 
  • Mac 
  • Web-based 
  • Android 
  • IOS 
  • Windows Mobile  

Customer Type: 

  • Small Firms 
  • Medium Firms 
  • Large Firms 

Supported Language: 

  • English 

Pricing Model: 

  • Free 


  • Cloud Hosted 

Our Opinion: 

The best advantage of HubSpot’s CRM is that it is full-featured Free CRM which means that all its features are available without any cost. It helps you in managing customers quite easily and its interface is very easy to understand. 

In the digital world, the importance of having good CRM is a need for a business as a company will get better word of mouth marketing opportunities if its customers are satisfied with it. So, without having a second thought go for this Free CRM Management tool and… 

Also, one secret tip you can add 10,00,000 contacts, users, storage without any expiration date.

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