How to Write Guest Post on a Blog

We all know that guest posts grow blogs. however, not many folks understand that tactical guest posting grows careers. Most bloggers I see pump out these articles whereas reciting the mantra “quantity over quality”; there’s no real strategy and there are not any real long-term advantages.

At present, guest blogging is considered to be the “in” factor, and it’s started gaining quality among new similarly as old bloggers. however several new bloggers are rather confused concerning it and don’t have a thought that “How to write down a guest post that may be accepted”.

Most of the time we made some mistakes while writing a guest blog so first I would like to share what to avoid then how to prepare and write a guest post.    keep reading 🙂

Common mistakes to avoid with guest posts :

  • Writing the guest post before you pitch.
  • Not doing your research.
  • Not sending writing samples.
  • Limiting yourself to guest posts in your domain.
  • Submitting trite link-bait.
  • Making the blog post all about your opinion.
  • Underestimating how long it takes to write a good post.
  • Including your affiliate links.
  • Making him do additional work.

Hence, I would wish to share some recommendations on writing a top quality guest post that may be welcome by bloggers. this is often a detailed guide to writing a good guest post for high-traffic bloggers.

Done right, these ways you can get you a lot of email subscribers,  Google ranking positions, and an enormous head-start on your content marketing goals.

Here are things to Know Before Starting Guest Post:

Plan your post: What would be your topic? What is going to be the title? How will you gift it?  How are the readers going to answer it? Attempt to answer all these queries before anything. Design out a framework of your post and figure it out that how are you planning to implement that framework. The framework that I use for my guest posts is something like:

  • Headline
  • Introduction
  • Content
  • Conclusion
  • “What to do next ?” Note.

Check the guidelines. Many established blogs, as well as this one, have a listing of tips that you simply will follow to create a guest post. Before submitting your post, browse the rules and follow them.

Read about theBlog Topic:  Do some analysis to grasp the topic and voice of the blog and to check what topics haven’t been coated nevertheless. If you know somebody who has guest posted on the blog, ask him how he did it.

Contact the blogger: Email is perhaps best. in the message, get right to the point. Either pitch a plan or send the full article, however, don’t waste time with unessential compliment or self-deprecation. Don’t say “sorry,” and don’t be arrogant. simply be yourself.

Create attractive headlines: A headline has the power to both attract and repel visitors. Make your titles brief, punchy and those which you think will grab attention.

Getting ideas for Catchy headlines : 

for example, If your content is answering a question, then why not use that question as your headline?

  1. Quotes: If you can find a quote that perfectly describes your content, it would make a great title.
  2. Statistics: Using numbers in your headlines is a great way to let your readers know what they will be getting or what they can achieve by reading your content.

Now that you know how to frame your headlines lets move on to the next tip.

Set a time limit: Time is money. keep in mind that, simply don’t let yourself spend nothing but making simply the proper blog post. you’ll never be excellent but yes that doesn’t mean that you just got to compromise on quality.

Just try and keep your sentences short and descriptive. Convey a lot of in less text.

Write the best post you can:  Once you’ve made contact with the blogger, you’ll begin writing. Fight the temptation to hold back your “A” content for your own blog. Guest posts are your best-promoting collateral, thus don’t submit something less than your best. Once finished, send the ready-to-publish post to the blogger with a byline and link to your web site.

Follow up: Depending on the rules, provide the blogger your time (usually a week) before following up. once you do follow up, keep it positive and polite. you’ll follow up again every week or two later. If you don’t hear back during a month, tell the blogger that you’d wish to take the article elsewhere.

Engage and promote: If the blogger posts your article, first thank her. Then, treat it as you’d one of your own posts, if not better. Tweet it, share it, email it, etc. Post an excerpt on your own blog and link to the full article. Interact within the comments and engage readers who respond. This is a must.

Repeat It:  Whether you succeed or not, begin the entire method yet again. If you get rejected, don’t get discouraged. And don’t let it’s the last time you are attempting to guest post. Sometimes, the topic is simply wrong. other times, it’s the wrong audience. Regardless, you would like to guest post more than once for it to be an effective strategy. So, don’t give up.


Conclusion:  These are the ideas I use and sharing with you guys, as a blogger we all know how important is guest posting so pan, prepare and use proper strategy for guest posting on other blogs in order to increase your blog traffic and backlink.


What guest posting strategies work for you?

I’d really like to hear about what guest posting strategies have worked or not worked for you. Have you tried anything above with great success?

Please leave a comment and let me know. All ideas are welcome — especially the half-baked ones … 🙂

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