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How to start a Travel Blog and Make Money

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you listen to ‘Travel Blogging’? Some of you might think that it’s a profession inclined towards social media or some passionate blogger who shares his wanderlust experiences in flawless style or maybe a mix of both. Well, to be honest, you are partially right, but there certainly is so much to it.

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I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” ―  Susan Sontag

For travel blogging, there are three main requirements:

1) Your passion for traveling

2) The art of storytelling

3) Promoting the right way.

We all love to travel, don’t we? Saint Augustine had quite a philosophical take on travel and highlights its importance. He quotes “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page”.

Traveling not only gives us memories & experiences but also educates us about new cultures. It also gives a much-needed peace of mind. But do you know that traveling has health benefits too? Research shows when you are traveling to a new surrounding or a different environment, your immune system gets a tremendous boost and makes you significantly stronger. Graham, A. L (2015, Jun 14) from West Africa and an avid traveler from last 17 years concluded travel as the best probiotic. It’s medically proven that travel is the best stress buster and keeps you fit. And as it keeps you anxious and excited it significantly decreases the probability of heart diseases Tugend, A. (2008, June 8 this is why you should consider traveling and start writing about travel experiences and eventually earn while you enjoy your life the same time.

As per a study conducted in Canada, it was shown that traveling also leads to self-learning and discovery; it also improves your family and relationship ties.

In order to be a successful travel blogger, only traveling isn’t enough. You should master the art of storytelling. In easy words, we can compare blogging with movies. We appreciate good movies due to their concept, the uniqueness quotient and the way it’s presented on screen. In this case, your website is your screen, which hundreds and thousands of people will view. Therefore you need to maintain a subtle standard of your blog and should tell your travel experiences in an interesting way. Please be sure to be as authentic and as genuine as possible.

Steps to Start  a Travel Blog:

  • To get started choose an interesting name or alias for your blog (a domain is your unique web address)
  • Buy a Hosting, a hosting is a server on which your blog or website runs.
  • Use an appropriate CMS, preferably WordPress, if you don’t know coding.
  • Start uploading content; try to be creative and informative the best possible way.
  • Identify the good travel niche you want to target.
  • Use affiliate marketing and ad networks to monetize your travel blog.

    Research is always recommended and it’s advised to check out the work of bloggers belonging to your chosen genre.

Travel Blogging not only gives you the opportunity to share your travel experiences with the world, if done the right way, it’s one of the most interesting and efficient money making technique. There are many top bloggers in the world like Nomadic Matt, Expert Vagabond, Lakshmi Sharath who are earning extraordinarily well with blogging. But hold on, there’s another side of the coin too, though blogging indeed is an efficient money making technique, most people aren’t able to find success in it because they are not doing it the right way and aren’t able to make it that big.

In order to make the most through your blog, you have to be dedicated towards your blog and should do ethical blogging Carlson, L. (2017, Feb 27). Successful bloggers, do it right as they have identified their interests, they target specific markets and audiences and promote their blog the right way using internet marketing techniques.

start travel blog and make money

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So by now, you must have understood the importance of traveling and essence of blogging. But now comes the most important part, which creates the ultimate difference between struggle and success in the world of blogging that is the correct promotion methods.

The Internet is an open platform where millions and millions of users are present. So it becomes relatively important to identify and connect with your niche. Let’s say you have a travel blog, so your target audiences, in this case, will be travel enthusiasts, not the gamers or cooks

Promoting your blog to the right audience is very much needed as it rightfully takes your blog to the next level by making it reach your desired audiences. Promotion generates recognition and money simultaneously.

There are two common methods of earning from your blog is direct and indirect. The former method emphasizes on efficient monetizing techniques like PPC, SEO, Affiliate and Google Analytics, once web traffic is generated on your blog. The latter technique works well once your blog is well renowned, the companies or travel agencies approaches you for a seminar or they use your blogging platform to get themselves advertised and they pay you decent money for that. The flowchart mentioned below shows you the endless money making approaches you can adapt using your blog.

In short, we can conclude that there is a willing traveler in all of us and also resides a story teller, who can share his interesting stories. So analyze and awaken these hidden attributes as early as you can and happy blogging to you all.


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