How to set your Domain Email
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How to set your Domain Email

How to set your Domain Email –

Once you have your domain name registered and built your website, the next step is to create an email account with your domain extension. So, we will go over the basics of the domain email accounts included in your plan.

The time when you purchased your domain name you also get the plan to create your own professional ID that uses your Domain Extension like [email protected] it’ a good idea to use domain specific Email address like [email protected][email protected], as it not only shows professionalism; it also makes your email more serious and authentic.

Would you trust to share your important details related to your professional work with the person who uses a email address?  People avoid sharing their legal matter over the unprofessional email ID because that can fraud or unauthentic.

Good news is your Domain account comes with domain email services. The email service starter plan comes with 5 email accounts; the Professional plan comes with 25 and the Managed plan gives you 100 email accounts. Email Spam and Virus Protection service are also included in the plans.

Here are the steps to create your Email ID that uses your Domain Extension or Website Name –

  • Go to c-panel (


  • Once you login to your Cpanel account goes to the Email Account under the Email section.


  • Then click on Email Account to put your detail for email ID.


  • Under the section Add Email Account you can add new account as per your requirement.  There is following field under this section.

                  Email  –  Put your Firstname and Lastname in Email Field

                  Domain – Select the Domain name which you want to use an extension for your mail id. This section is mainly used when you have multidomain hosting under the same account and you want to choose particular domain name as an extension.

        A Password – You can put the Password of your choice manually or Generate the Password. Put the password which includes at least 5 words. You can also include the special character and numeric value in the password.


  • Once you put all the detail click on Create Account. Now your account is created successfully to access this account login to

You can use this email address for professional work. It builds trust for people to share their detail on authenticate email ID which is related to particular business and includes the business name as an extension.

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