A Complete Guide: How to Improve Website’s Domain Authority?
Shamsher Khan
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How to Improve Website’s Domain Authority?

A Complete Guide on: How to Improve Website’s Domain Authority?

 LINK = Ligature to interlink between the diverse webpages or websites.

It is 2016 and the credibility of the website is an indispensable factor in the current milieu. For this, the search engines like Google acknowledge the quality links. The era has been advancing so fast that the links have become the top and the most prominent factors of the search engines.

Links are one of the lucrative approaches to enhance the website’s domain authority. Well!! You can say the Google Page Rank is also one of the effective and substantial factors for the bloggers and the SEO marketers. However, there has been no Google update from the long time. So, the digitizers have been molding towards the blog’s or website’s domain authority.

Domain authority assists in making know the digital marketers, whether your website or blog has been able to rank or not.

But, what actually is the domain authority? Why has it become the necessity for the websites? Why the SEOers have adopted this technique? From where it is originated?

All about Domain Authority

Domain Authority is one of the quintessential and most prestigious approaches every search engine checks for ranking the website in the SERP (search engine result page). Actually, the idea of domain authority is within its title- it’s the estimation of the performance of the website in the SERPs.

Definition:  Developed from Moz, Domain Authority is the metric that can be used to understand how Google’s algorithms ranks you based on your authority and credibility on the web.

Moz’s Domain Authority is like a new ray of hope that significantly shows the right approach to determine to gauge how your website would withstand with your competitors in your niche. It has actually a score of 100 on the logarithmic scale of 100 points.

Factors that influence Domain Authority:

  • The Backlinks, but Qualitative
  • Content Marketing
  • Domain Age

Most of the marketers overlook the third one. But, it also plays a significant part in the Domain authority of the website. Having a domain, which has been active or online for quite a few years, enhances your maximum chances to score better on the DA index.

The most important one– Matt Cutts has announced that the guest post will be highly targeted in the upcoming algorithm updates. So, it will be going tougher for the content developers to rank better with sub-par content.

Now the question arises… How this domain authority assists a site to subsist in this hard-hitting world? How it proves beneficial for the website? How to improve the domain authority of the website? And many more.

Let’s discuss some steps to improve the website’s domain authority.

Measures to improve website’s domain authority 

  1. Time to focus on Technical SEO:

How your website looks is the very first influence on the customers. After all, the first impression is all about. Although, it may don’t have the direct relationship with the domain authority, but somehow, it does.

Off-page and on-page… both the factors are lucrative for the website.  Having the perfect on-page SEO, you can easily a step ahead than the other websites of the same niche.

So, it’s the right time to structure your website appropriately. The following should be set in a perfect manner:

  • Bread Crumbs
  • Meta-Tags
  • Schema Markup
  • Keywords
  • ALT Tags
  1. High Quality Content is always the priority:

Content was a King and is a King. Plus, the Content Marketing has also arrived in 2015. Bloggers and the content developers should, should focus on the quality and the creativeness of the content. Because, directly or indirectly, the good content attracts more and more visitors and ultimately increases the traffic, which significantly makes you reach at the higher position on the search engine result page.

 The content marketing’s landscape has been extended in the current milieu. So, be professional and be targeted on the content marketing strategy along with the quality writings.

      Wait!!! Don’t forget the page or blog speed. Make sure your page loading speed is fast. If it consumes more time to open, then the user will involuntarily step out from your website within the few jiffy. Mark this point considerably.

  1. Include Domain Age in your steps:

Old is Gold. It is the most common and true slang. It is very obvious that as much as old your domain is, the more it has persisted on Google and once a while, it has passed through in front of Google’s eyes.

If you are looking for the blogging for the long, then you may certainly renew your domain for the upcoming years. 

  1. Guest Post is the best approach:

Approach others to write for them is a good tactic to make your brand cognizant throughout the world.  Just, diversify your link portfolio and get benefited.  A single link of the authoritative website will count a lot in the market of SEO. So, focus on the quality rather than quantity. Although, quantity matters, but on the esteemed websites.

  1. Try to remain high on Social Signals:

Be active with your blog on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.. The more and more audience is diverted towards these social media channels. So, what to do?? Follow them and they’ll follow you 

  1. Links: Retain the qualitative links, cut the malicious ones:

External and internal… Both links are important. Ensure that the content on the pages you link to internally is relevant to the linking pages. Relevancy is the considerable factor to increase your domain authority.

And for the backlinks, acquire the quality backlinks. This will undeniably increase the chance to improve the domain authority of your website. 

  1. Patience is the first step to consider:

Don’t expect before a month. Yeah… I am serious!! Therefore, have patience. But, yes… You have to adopt some measures to keep your domain authority higher.

In the nutshell:

Content is the King, but still links also reign supreme. Make your links highly-qualitative and get rewarded by the Google.

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