Learn How to Send 5000 Friend Requests on Facebook Using Mass Tool


Learn How to Get 5000 Friend Requests on Facebook

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Get 5000 Friend Requests On Facebook using Bulk Invitation Tool

Hello friends, today I am going to discuss a technique about getting 5000 friend requests on Facebook in just one day. Everyone is now on Facebook and everyone wants to long list their friend circle on Facebook.

We are always trying to discuss something new and more useful guidelines and techniques on this Internet Marketing Blog, Today we are such as this Fantastic technique for sharing on our Blog.

Using this you can get more Facebook friend request in one day, it is an easy technique, Using this you can’t prevent it.

There are many benefits to this, I was also tried many other tricks to get more friend requests but mostly tips on the net are not working just make us fool. And some are dangerous for your policy protection of social networks.

It’s very simple, secure, and easy to use the technique for you to get 5000 friend requests on Facebook. Yes, is Facebook not believed?

Just try and enjoy… 

Advantage of 5000 buddies on Facebook

There are many benefits of the big friend list. You can also generate income if you have a big supporters list. Some sites customer pay cash to those customers who have big supporters on Facebook or myspace for compensated content because they get visitors from these compensated content on Facebook or myspace. Also, can combine your consideration into Facebook or myspace fan web page.

For example, let you have Facebook or myspace consideration of 5000 buddies and Facebook or myspace web page of 2000 prefers, then you can combine your Facebook or myspace consideration into Facebook or myspace fan web page then your Facebook or myspace web page get 5000 prefers and become 7000 prefers Facebook or myspace web page. You can also offer your Facebook or myspace consideration and can generate income through it.

Steps to get 5000 friend requests on Facebook in One day

1) Open your Facebook Account

2) Now go to Facebook/mass_Add Application

3) Now Just log in with that application for getting information.

4) Select your friends interest in select friends you want to add


5) Now Click on Generate Button
6) After This, you will see many friend’s Emails. Just Copy All.

7) Now go on Facebook friend Invite Page directly to go to invite friends page.

8) Now Paste all emails there and write any message you want to send all like “HI, add me please”

9) Wait for few minutes or take a cup of coffee 🙂 After some time you’ll see an increasing friend list & getting start friends to request in bulk.



10) Enjoy clicking the accept button […It’s Done…]

Expert’s Tips: You can generate more emails but please use only Max 5000 one time A Day to prevent the blocking of your account by the Facebook anti-spam team.


Note: We always try to share new and more useful tricks and advice about social media, I wanna say you that this trick does not meet Facebook policies it is not official Facebook tips, So we are not responsible for any harm of or violation activity of Facebook as it does not follow Facebook policies.

Don’t Worry, “Nothing will Happen-  just chilled 🙂 ”  it is tested by me

Got 5000 Friend Request? Now What?

Try this awesome tool to post automatically on Facebook groups and pages.

facebook auto poster

Enjoy More Friends and Please Share this article. Thanks for visiting…..

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