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You notice a high number of clicks on your website, but no one seems to make a purchase. It doesn’t make sense. After all, more visitors mean more sales.

Except that, it does not apply everywhere!

Not every website turns out to be a customer generating machine. The issue with many websites is that they either focus only on creating a graphical masterpiece or are so haphazard that it gets tough for the visitor to figure out essential cues. Getting customers to your virtual doorstep is only a start. You need to work even harder to lift them through the ladder and obtain meaningful results.

Below, we have pooled a few tasks that can help you optimize the conversion rate for your portal:

Start with the basics

Before you go for traffic generation strategies, make sure you get the basics all right. Start with the content. What do you want to sell and how are you putting it out. The content that you offer has to be clear and concise. Survey reveals that websites that offer complicated cues or have a monotonous tone often end up with lowest conversion rates.

Understand your audience

Efforts of elevating sales include understanding your audience. Have your marketing personas to break down the target audience according to the demographic factors. Apart from general moves, there is a need to conduct extensive market research. It helps you to grasp the idea of what each segment of your target audience demands from your company.

You can also begin with collecting data from your existing customers. Based on their feedback, you can figure out the characteristics that make up your best buyers. All of these efforts mean that you need trained professionals to help you out with the evaluation procedure. This research enables you to enhance your outlook on web features that your prospects prefer. You can then proceed to work on designing a website based on these findings.

Is it loading fast enough?

If your website is taking too long to load, you will miss the chance of securing the visitors. Even if it stretches a little longer than 2 seconds, the visitor leaves. They do not want to waste their time. The loading time has to be as short as possible. Most of the time, start-ups do not even consider this to be important. All they focus on is to make the site as fancy as possible and overlook the core factor.

Remember, if the website takes more time to load, the traffic rate is going to fall. And as the traffic goes down, so does your ranking. Make sure your website is snappy and responsive.

An optimized landing page

Making your website user-friendly will boost its status on the Google Search Results. As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. If the home page is not appealing enough, the chances are that visitors will be leaving right away.

The layout of your portal has to be such that it fits all screen sizes. The criterion to fit includes having readable text, integration of common software, sizing content and placing links for quick tapping. Plus, integrating rich snippets on your landing page makes the user interested to know more.  They can fetch the essence of the content that your other pages have to offer. Make sure they are convincing and compel the users to scroll into further depth of your website.

Security upgrade

Every time your customer is exchanging info, make sure you promise them reliability. For instance, the ecommerce sites can begin providing their customers with a secure HTTPS connection on the check-out page. These can also display their Verisign/Thawte/Geotrust etc. certificate to show that the transactions are secure.

Same goes for the content, too. Endorsed certifications and accreditations help the users to get over their skepticism.

Easy contact

It is easy for the customer to get in touch if a website provides accurate contact info. They can ask questions directly to the owner. Recent developments have made it possible to integrate a live chat service on the portal. This way the customers can get their solutions immediately which makes them stick to that service. Using appropriate development resources, you can install a live chat tool on the pages where customers might need more assistance.

It can turn out to be a major leads generator — all the while, allowing you to gain insight into the needs of your customers casually.

Strong wordplay

Observation of major players in the virtual landscape reveals that they are using some clever strategies to ensure high conversion. Starting from professional logo design to implant distinction in the industry, they move down to some clever, underlying tactics. They endorse the fact that users will view the headline first and they work to create a lasting impression through that. Moreover, their punch lines are a work of pure art, and they are integrating keywords throughout the content to attract organic traffic.

Ask your team of writers to compose lines that are concise. Users usually stop reading after a few words, so make those words count. It is essential to be appealing as well as compelling if you want to draw users towards conversion.

Clear UVP

Give your visitors a solid reason to continue staying on your website. What is the value that you are offering? How does it stand out from others in the industry? Does it benefit your users or circles around your gains only?

A UVP is what makes you unique from the others. Make sure your user knows your distinct offers. You can obtain it by injecting appropriate lines within your content or by adding it near the headline. It is fundamental for the visitors to fathom the main takeaway of your brand. They will surely get back to you if they know you are offering something that is relatively different.

Having top class product/service on your website with no conversion is not going to take your online standing anywhere. Conversions are awesome, but they do not come easy. You need repetitive customers and a positive word of mouth. The main focus of your online portal must be on delivering what customers want and keeping them pleased.

Surely, there are many more ways you can adapt to uplift the conversion levels of your website. So, keep toying around with new ideas until you discover your brand’s formula for maximum conversion.



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Landing Pages for WordPress

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