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How to Drive Traffic and Boost Your Online Presence

  • March 7 2023
  • Shamsher

Whether you're a small business owner who's looking to increase sales or a content creator who's looking to secure larger brand deals, traffic really matters. If people don't know your brand exists, it's going to take time to make money. When it comes to traffic and boosting your online presence, there are several ways to go about this. Even though it's a numbers game, implement these helpful tips in order to win the game of building your brand online.

1. Use SEO Tactics

SEO tactics matter when you're looking to gain long-term traction with the help of search engines. When people type in specific keywords, the ideal experience involves your content on the front page of Google. Visitors rarely explore the second page of any search engine. If your content does not appear there it is likely no one will ever see it. 


By creating lots of valuable content on your website's blog, you'll be able to gain a consistent flow of traffic over a period of time. Search engine optimization isn't a quick-fix solution. It can take at least six months to a year in order for search engines to recognize your content as legitimate and helpful. Once Google recognizes your content, your website will rank higher. Be consistent in using keyword research and tools to your advantage.


Make sure to research all you can since SEO is always changing. Emphasizing high-quality content with dynamic elements like video is important. This will help to boost your content in the algorithm. 


Take care of technical issues on your website as well. Search engine optimization is not just about the content that you create on your website but also about its functionality. If you have a slow site speed and a bad mobile user experience, your site will not be favored by Google. 

2. Curate a Responsive Social Media Presence

Social media marketing is essential when you're looking to build and grow. Social media marketing continues to dominate as one of the most accessible ways to boost your online presence. In order to be effective, take a closer look at your marketing campaign. Consider your content marketing strategy. If you're on Instagram, use Instagram Reels and Instagram Live in order to grow consistently. Instagram Live is especially helpful if you have an eCommerce brand. 


When your target audience is primarily on Facebook, consider creating a Facebook group in order to develop and nurture a loyal tribe of customers. One of the mistakes a lot of people make involves a lack of engagement. If you have a million followers who aren't engaged, it doesn't matter what your brand deal is. People just won't buy anything from you. Learn how to improve your engagement strategies in order to gain significant traction on social media.


If you are a small to mid-sized business that is just starting to make waves it may take some time to foster a following on social media. Eventually, it will pay out but you will need to have some patience as it takes time to build earned media on these platforms.

3. Run a Paid Advertising Campaign

Paid advertising campaigns happen in numerous ways. Opt to pay for paid ads on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. Strategically choose your platforms based on where your target audience is and your marketing budget. 


These campaigns can result in a quick traffic boost to businesses’ websites. Start small with your budget so that you can make changes were needed as the campaign runs. Make changes were necessary based on your campaign data then rinse and repeat. 

4. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

You can also pay influencers or purchase advertising spots on YouTube or Tiktok. Podcasts continue to grow in popularity. In fact, they show no signs of slowing down. Find a few podcasts that match your brand identity and reach your target audience. Then, go ahead and pay for ad campaigns and partner with those podcast creators. It doesn't matter what your specific budget is. Utilizing targeted ads can help you in your efforts to drive traffic on a budget.

5. Develop a Guest-Blogging Strategy

Consider all of the major platforms like Medium and Forbes. It doesn't matter what your subject area is; there is always a platform looking for experts in that particular field. Always find new ways to submit relevant blog posts within your niche. Pitch on a weekly basis in order to increase your chances of gaining visibility on those major platforms. Once you're able to secure a blog post or a feature on major sites, be sure to get a byline and credit so that you can redirect readers and viewers back to your platform.

6. Implement Consistent Partnerships

It doesn't matter what your life or business pursuits are; relationships matter. It's not always about what you know sometimes it is just about who you know. Develop a regular practice of networking with new people whether that is at conferences, webinars, or some other means.  


If you're an expert in an area like mental health, do a weekly live broadcast with another mental health professional in the field. This allows you to introduce your audience to someone new. It also allows you to gain exposure to their audience as well. Invest in influencer marketing by partnering with influencers who authentically match your brand's ideals.


You can also partner with other businesses where there is a mutual benefit for both of you. Consider what gaps in your business needs you need to be fulfilled and how you can help a potential partner with those skills. Through that relationship, you can find ways to boost each other’s presence online. 


As you begin to make a concerted effort in these areas, be sure to capture all of your data. Take note of days and times when certain efforts produce higher numbers. When you can really pinpoint what works, you'll be able to scale and automate the process in order to ensure long-term wins for your brand online.


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