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How to Become an Expert in SEO Copywriting

When you want to learn all about SEO copywriting, you may not know where to begin. There are a few options listed below that will help you become an expert SEO writer.

Because there is not a singular way to manage SEO content, you can use the experience you get from these seven options to learn how to write in your style, help your clients, and produce quality work. Before you begin, remember that proofreading your material and using a proofreading app will help you catch any small errors that might occur.

1. Launch a Small Website

You can launch a website that is about literally anything. You can start a website that talks about your love for James Bond movies, or you might talk about sports. You can write as much as you want, and you can gain reading through a simple blog. As you write on your blog more, you will learn more about how SEO works. You can read other blogs to find tips for your SEO work, and you can grow your blog while making a little money on the side.

2. Offering Free Help to Business Owners and NGOs

You might want to offer free help to NGOs and businesses when you think you can make their sites better. You might offer to fix their homepage, and they could ask you to write more for them in the future. You can get started writing for very small amounts, but you can take more jobs, increase your pay, and work from home at the same time. You can organize your life so that you still have time to write your blog, and you can make money from different revenue streams.

3. Investing in a Premium Course

You might want to take a premium course to learn what current professionals are doing. The SEO industry is growing every day, and you should learn how people make money in the business. You can learn a few tips that will help you when you find new clients, and you might learn how to pick up clients who need your help. A premium course helps you interact with other writers, and you might learn from the new friends you have made while taking the course.

4. Going to Conferences

When you go to conferences, you get to see every side of the marketing industry. If you were to get a job at a marketing agency, much of what they do revolves around SEO and website construction. You will learn how these companies create keyword lists, how they build websites, and how they add internal links to their work. This is a good way to make better choices in the future, and you might meet with vendors who offer software that will help you.

You might meet hiring managers from marketing firms, or you might meet other writers. In some cases, you will find special booths that help you learn what is happening on the cutting edge of the industry, and you might share a meal with a vendor who wants to work with you.

You can travel to conferences, or you can save money by going to meetups around your area. There are writers just like you where you live, and it helps to get to know them when you start writing. You might also want to go to creative conferences that allow you to meet fiction writers you enjoy.

5. Networking with other SEO Writers

If you are networking with other SEO writers, you can learn what they do on a daily basis. You might get jobs from writers that you have met because you can talk about the topics their new clients need. You can pass off clients you are not comfortable with to your friends, and you can share in the wealth of marketing money that is out there.

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You will get to know people that can help you grow your career, and you might even start working with other writers if they know something that you do not. Consider starting a business that allows you to combine your clients, or ask your friends if they know of any marketing firms that are hiring. You want to work with people that are popular in the industry, and you should get to know older mentors who can help you find work.

This is especially important if you get a job at a marketing agency. Ensure that you have gotten to know a manager or senior writer who can help you grow as a writer. You should consider who your friends are, how they can help you, and how you can help them in return.

6. Writing Articles on SEO

You might want to start writing articles on SEO for your blog. If you have figured out a certain niche int the SEO world, share that information with the public. You will get comments on your blog that will help you learn even more, and you can network with the people that are in your comments.

If you are writing articles about SEO, you may want to find places where you can write guest posts. You might be able to work with people who need help with their websites, and your guest post will be the first step. You can continue to write SEO posts, meet new people, and pick up any information that people leave in the comments.

You may want to write a handbook for the type of SEO that you do most, or you could use the handbook as a way to attract people to your blog. You could even offer to write the handbook for your agency.

7. Getting an SEO Job

If you have not yet gotten a job in SEO, you should start looking for writing jobs. You can get a job at an agency that will help you learn what to do. The agency can teach you things you never knew, and you can use that information on your blog or personal website. This is a good way to make money, find some financial security, and gain experience that you can use to get better jobs in the future.

You might start a junior writer handling content for a large agency, but you can move up the corporate ladder to handle bigger projects, become a manager, and help manage the firm. This is a good way to build a career out of SEO writing, and you can hold on to your blog because it pays you a bit of extra money at the end of every month.


Conclusion: When you are learning how to write in the SEO style, you need to find your own style. You can increase the amount of money you make as you start to find clients. You might take a job working for an agency, and you can network with other writers who will help you get better. It is easy for you to grow your career if you are using all these tips to make changes to the way you write or manage your business. Never stop networking and learning because there are new conferences and meetups every day. Add more jobs to your resume, and find a niche that you like most.

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