How to Sell products on Instagram

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Instagram reels are the new sensation among the teens of the 21st century. So naturally, they wake up to those reels and go to bed after watching some of them. 

Due to the massive growth of Instagram within these last few years, people have come closer to celebrities and influencers. As a result, Instagram marketing is a thing of prominence.

More than 400 million Instagram stories appear every day, with 2 million brands using it to market their products and services. Insta reels, shoppable tags in stories, there are tons of options for you to choose from. 

The youtube ecosystem is indeed favorable for marketing, but Instagram is a better place to sell stuff.

The best way to sell your products on Instagram is by opening your Instagram shop. Here are a few steps to guide you through the process of building your Instagram shop.

Steps To Open Your Instagram Shop

You can sell your products straight from Instagram once you have opened your Instagram shop. Here are the necessary steps that you need to follow. 

  1. Confirm eligibility.
  2. Convert or create a business account.
  3. Connect to your Facebook page. 
  4. Upload a product catalog. 
  5. Complete account review. 
  6. Turn on Shopping.
  7. Make actionable content.

Confirm Eligibility

First, you need to confirm the eligibility of your business on Instagram. To do that, you need to make sure that your business fulfills the below-mentioned criteria. 

  • Your business needs to be located in a supported market. 
  • Your business needs to have an eligible product.
  • Your business needs to comply with the Merchant Agreement and Commerce Policies of Instagram.
  • The business should have a website domain where you intend to sell from. 

Convert Or Create A Business Account

You need to create an Instagram business account or convert an existing account to a business account.  

With a business account at hand, you can add valuable business information like opening hours, business address, phone number, and a link to your business website. 

Connect To Your Facebook Page

Once you are done setting up the business account, you should connect it to your Facebook page. To link your Instagram business account to your Facebook page, you may follow the steps as mentioned here –

  • Go to an Instagram business profile. 
  • Select the option, “edit profile.”
  • Navigate to the “public business information” section and select “page.”
  • From your pages, choose a Facebook page to connect to the Instagram business account.
  • If you don’t have an existing one, you can “create a new facebook page.”
  • You only need a Facebook page, not a Facebook page shop. 

Upload A Product Catalogue

Uploading your product catalog is the next step, and there are two ways to upload your product catalog-

  • Catalog Manager: It is the DIY method found within the Facebook business manager.
  • Ecommerce Platform Partner: You can use the integration of Shopify or Bigcommerce; these are the certified e-commerce partners of Instagram.

Complete Account Review

Once your product catalog is attached to the Instagram business account, you need to submit your account for review. The process usually takes a few days, but it may take even longer. Here are the steps-

  • Tap the three vertical bars icon in your Instagram business account. 
  • Select settings. 
  • Sign up for Shopping.
  • Submit your account for review by following the steps.
  • To check your status, visit Shopping in the settings

Some accounts may get a notification to provide additional information to prove ownership. For such a case, you need to complete the domain verification process. 

Turn On Shopping 

If you were able to approve your Instagram business account, you have to turn on the shopping features. If you don’t see the Shopping features option t in your settings, it means that the account is still under review. Here are the steps –

  • Tap the three bars icon in your Instagram business account.
  • Select Settings.
  • Tap Business and next tap shopping.
  • Select Product catalog for connecting it to your Instagram business account. 
  • Now tap on “done.”

Make Actionable Content

Have you completed the previous steps? If you have, then focus on creating and posting your product-related posts on the Instagram business account. For example, you can create photo or video posts and tag your products in the post to attract buyers. 

Sell Your Products On Instagram

To sell your products on Instagram, you need to build some habits and follow some strategies. Then, you can sell your products directly from Instagram posts using Instagram shopping. Here are a few things that you can do. 

Post Regularly 

Create regular posts about your products and share them on Instagram posts, Instagram reels, and Instagram stories. Regular Instagram posts will help you increase brand awareness and make your products visible to the audience.

Post BTS Photos Of Your Product

Your customer loves to know what goes behind making the product they use. You can share videos, or you can post photos about the manufacturing process. These posts increase curiosity among the customers and make them prone to buying your products. 

Showcase Your Product Line

Showcasing the variants of the products you are selling on Instagram will help the customer get an idea about the types of products you sell. 

This action may also make them interested in the other products of your business. So, showing different variants of different colors, sizes, and prices are best for creating an engaged customer base. 

Share Customers’ Post Featuring Your Product

For the good quality products of your brand, you are likely to get positive reviews from customers. Some of them may post on Instagram featuring the products they have found useful. 

Now you can share those posts to your story relaying your happiness with their review. There is no better way to gain customers’ trust than engaging in interaction. This gesture will be advised by your customers and also help you widen the audience range. 

Conclusion: Instagram provides prolific marketing and business opportunities. With a good trading knowledge in hand, Instagram business is a great option.  

If you want professional trading knowledge, countless online courses like bizztrade are available. Let us know if this article helped you sell your products on Instagram. 

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