How is Artificial Intelligence Making Social Media Marketing (SMM) More Flexible?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is incorporated into our lives in various ways. We do not realize this incorporation, but that makes it more exciting working when no one knows about it. AI embodiment in social media marketing has become another milestone of this century.

It has provided multiple benefits to social media marketing strategies and helped marketers devise instrumental and strategic tools. AI is no more the name of a tool, and it has become a “system that acts like humans”. 

AI provides various ways to explore better opportunities and grow your businesses. It has revolutionized the concept of ‘work’ and ‘automation’. Everything you see automated is working with AI behind it. AI has become a powerful backbone for each business. 


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

You don’t need to learn definitions but to understand the concept. 

AI is the name of intelligent machines that are problem-solving and have the humanistic power of decision-making. It enables data-driven content to work quickly and can be done in a few seconds. 

They are human machines that are invented by humans but have the potential to increase their potential with the help of various tools. 

Siri in iPhone, Alexa in Amazon, self-driving driverless cars, and automated self-driven maps are all examples of AI innovation. Every day there comes something new from the AI inventory. 


AI are of two kinds currently operating; weak AI and strong AI. 

Weak AI is all that you see. It is practically data-driven and enables different applications like Siri.

Strong Ai is practically impossible as they are the systems you see in Science-Fiction movies, like turning into an I Frankenstein. It is practically impossible to have systems that supersede human beings, but there are differing opinions.


Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media Marketing:

Businesses are shifting to social media, so they do not need outdated marketing methods. In fact, they are working hard and hard to learn new ways of effective marketing through social media. 

Just like AI, as we discussed above, social media marketing (SMM) has turned over the concept of advertising and marketing. There are methods of growing your business that is not yet discovered, but they are there. They will be discovered soon, and they will be revolutionary.


AI has empowered social media marketing by skyrocketing the value of the business and using different tools.  

Let’s examine how Artificial Intelligence has made social media marketing (SMM) more flexible. To understand it, we will look into how AI has impacted SMM. 


  • Content Creation and Management:

Artificial Intelligence has made content creation and management super handy with the help of innovative tools. Now, one can easily create content with the help of speech recognition, the feature we all know about. Speech recognition provides chances of higher accuracy with fewer chances of erring. 

Similarly, it has helped a lot in managing the content. Posting and scheduling content has become very easy. One can easily get the idea of when to post and what to post by understanding the statistical data and recommendations by AI-powered tools. 

Content management has become super easy with the help of a lot of applications. One can search for them and get anyone what works for you. 

Be it Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok, content creation has become easy and discovered better tools for effective management. 


Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Customer care is vital to businesses and their marketing. One can never establish better relationships with their customers without effective communication. 

Humans are redundant, making it nearly impossible to get customer service 24/7. Hence, then there is Artificial Intelligence that can play its role by providing answers to the most asked questions. 

According to a survey, customers want answers to their queries within sixty minutes and start pestering the brand if it does not respond. Thus, CRM has several options in email, DMs, and chatbots. 

Chatbots are the icons of chat that you see on websites and social media platforms. You can write your queries, and you are responded to by AI-powered systems. They do not provide real-time solutions to bigger issues, but they can keep the customer engaged till they get a human approach with the human interference. 

The AI system of chatbots fills most of the queries that are repeated and of small nature. 


  • Visual Identification at Different Social Media:

Do you realize that social media marketing uses digital visualization for tagging? 

It does. When you post a picture, you get ‘tag’ and ‘mention’ suggestions from the AI-powered tools. It works on the principles of visual identification by the computer. On the principles of analogies, it suggests mentions and tags without even searching for them. 

It is very quick, and one can easily mention the account by tapping on the face. The AI tool will recognize the picture and come with the username.


  • Job Recommendations: 

You get job recommendations from Facebook ads and LinkedIn that are automated by the AI systems. AI systems analyze your data and come with similar job ads to you. 

After developing your profile on LinkedIn, you can sync your data with your profile and LinkedIn suggestions, and then you will be notified by all the job ads relevant to your profile and skill set. 

Similarly, one can easily find an appropriate fit for the job vacancy for their organization by using these features on LinkedIn. Similar features are available on other social media platforms as well.


  • Data-Driven Recommendations and Suggestions:

Your business is recommended and suggested by the AI systems to the target audience to convert them into your potential customers. Such suggestions are data-driven, and they are target-based. 

The machine observations observe the audience’s interests, and then they are provided with suggestions of their interest. 


  • Identify Engagement Opportunities:

AI has made social media marketing super easy and flexible with this tool. It can identify engagement opportunities through social media Post Identification (PI). 

Automated comments and DM replies are examples of this feature. It understands and analyzes the post content and adjusts the data itself. 


  • Promotional Services for Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing has another pivotal point, i.e. getting promotional services. For instance, one can Increase Instagram followers easily to boost their account. These AI-automated and powered tools work on the account and content, understand its niche, and smartly get you, real followers. 

Similarly, social media marketers get promotions through growth services for Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok. 

Getting Instagram auto likes is also featured by the powerful systems of Artificial Intelligence. 



Surveys, graphs, and other statistical data inform the importance of Artificial Intelligence for social media marketing (SMM). As we discussed, AI is so powerful to create smart expert systems with the help of AI-generated algorithms, making itself smarter and smarter and not totally dependent on human beings. 

There are certain limitations of this powerful tool as well. Still, its role in social media marketing is phenomenal, and it has made marketing very flexible and automated for newcomers as well. 

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