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How AdSense is different from other ad networks

This particular innovative Google business solution will allow you to unleash the true revenue potential of one’s site. Here are just some of the advantages of your program:

Run ads that can interest your users.
Google AdSense delivers readable and text and image-based ads geared to the content of your own pages and AdSense pertaining to search queries.

Leverage Yahoo and Google search technology.
The proprietary Google seeks and page-ranking technologies will be the foundation for AdSense. We understand the context and content of internet pages and precisely match Google ads for pages.

Run ads targeted to your audience
In add-on to keyword-targeted ads, Yahoo and Google also provides placement-targeted adverts, offering pay-per-impression ads which can be specifically suited for your own pages.

Filter unwanted advertising.
Google combines an editorial team, filtering technology, and your input to generate a robust set of filters which can be right for you.

Using Adsense is really very easy.
Getting started with AdSense put in at home and requires no engineering resources on your side. We give you several lines of HTML that you just add to all of your web pages. It takes in just moments, after which you’ll be serving Google ads on your own pages – and making more advertising revenue.

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