Hacker who claims to be from Pak hacks Gaana.com got job offer from CEO – Shamsher Khan

Hacker who claims to be from Pak hacks Gaana.com got job offer from CEO

A hacker claiming to get from Pakistan hacked the site of music streaming web service Gaana. com and posted information on over 10 million users on his Facebook page.

Later, Satyan Gajwani, the CEO of times Internet, which runs Gaana. com, offered a business deal for the hacker for fixing loopholes in the IT system of company.

Your hacker, who introduced himself because Mak Man said he life in Lahore, Pakistan. “I here by confirm which no financial information was accessed through the hack of Gaana. com. Database was so huge that i didn’t even bother looking, with no information was dumped and stashed locally, not even a one row. “

He said that the chop was “just a POC (proof regarding concept) to highlight the issue that it is possible to grab details directly from the DBMS (Database management systems) along with I repeat again information wasn’t stored locally. “

In his reply on the hacker’s Facebook page, Gajwani claimed: “First of all, I’d love to apologize personally if you acquired shared these reports and all of us didn’t respond earlier. Totally undesirable by us, and I’m investigating it. “

A Times Internet spokesperson confirmed Gajwani’s comment. Even so, there was no reply to email queries within this regard.

Gajwani in his reply on hacker’s Facebook page further said which he thought that the intention in the hacker was not to expose information that is personal about Gaana users but to highlight the vulnerability and offered a deal for the hacker.

“And finally, if possible, I’d appreciate if we could hire you as a consultant to help us find any more vulnerabilities throughout our network, so that we can easily keep our products as secure as you possibly can. If you’re interested, message us directly, as I’d be very grateful for ones advice, ” Gajwani said.

In the evening, Gaana. com displayed ‘Site is down as a result of server maintenance. ‘.

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