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4 Quick Tips for Successful Guest Blogging in 2018

Many blog owners still rely heavily on guest blogging as a part of their link building strategy. And it’s a powerful way of getting more traffic to your site whilst also capturing a wider audience with what you have to say. But in order to get the most from blogging as a guest, we need to comprehend the changes that have occurred in the blogging world as a whole.

The digital sphere is an ever-changing space, with algorithm updates and new trends appearing all the time. So it’s important to stay in the loop and continually improve our blogging strategies.  Here are some tips to help you guest blog successfully in 2018:


Pitch ideas that are relevant

The guest blogging landscape is both tougher and easier at the same time. The easy side is that there are now so many different blogs to choose which greatly increases the chance of blog submissions getting accepted. But the saturated market also means that some blogs are tightening up their requirements, some even using very strict screening processes to ensure that spam will not get through. So when pitching ideas or writing articles, make sure that your post is both unique and relevant; and ensure that you stay on topic throughout your piece.


Value quality over quantity

There’s been a lot of talk about link building no longer being effective in 2018. But that’s simply not the case. Link spam has been devalued which has made link building more difficult (reference: SEO Hacker), which means that link strategies need to change pronto. Quality of links is what really matters going forward so when finding platforms to submit to, make sure that these sites are relevant to your website / brand. And avoid spammy looking sites at all costs.


Consider voice search

One of the biggest changes to happen in 2018 is voice search and this could in some ways affect the way that we write. If you want your guest post to perform well, it may be time to consider writing in voice search-friendly ways. The expected rise of voice search next year means that there could be a need to include more long-tail search keywords in content. As well as writing in a natural language that can be matched up to someone’s conversational tone.

The key here is to write as naturally as possible, always putting readability before keywords. There will be no tolerance for keyword stuffing in 2018 and blog editors will be quick to reject any articles that are overstuffed for SEO purposes.


Vary your anchor text

Avoid your link building from appearing spammy by varying up your anchor text. By using the same anchor text phrases over and over again, you will damage your efforts. The key is diversifying, so mix up long tail anchor text, generic anchor text, exact match and partial match anchor text, as well as branded.


Linking with the same text is considered by Google to be unnatural behavior (something which isn’t seen with natural links in editorial pieces) so avoid this when you place link backs in your guest articles.

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