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Guest blog – a new way to attract new readers to your site

Starting a blog can be hard, but attracting new readers to your blog can be even harder if you don’t know what direction you should head in. When you sit down to write a blog, you need to keep in mind that people will want to hear from you, they will want to be involved in some way, they will want quick and easy information on various subjects you’re covering, and they will want to know what makes you different from everyone else in the blogging community. These key elements are the driving force behind successful bloggers and we’ve covered in detail each of these steps and how you can utilize them to the best of your ability.


Let’s get started and if you apply these elements and tricks to your blog, you’ll notice a change right away that will motivate you to push yourself even more in the blogging community.


Be Personal

By forming a personal influence on your blog or website, you have to put yourself out there to some degree. You have to make the content you create come from the heart, that’s what readers want and it’s immediately obvious when an article is fabricated or just for views. When you portray a personal viewpoint on your blogs in a professional and consistent voice by making sure you share stories of experiences, your opinions, and more, this is a sure way to stand out from all the other blogs in the community. Just by offering a friendly tone to your blogs can get you an extremely long way when it comes to how you come off to your readers.


A great way to include a personal touch when it comes to your content and trying to attract new readers to your site is to realize that your personal experiences and life lessons you’ve experienced are completely your own. They are your experiences and no one else has those, which is why you have something right now you can offer to others that will be beneficial in many ways.


Start A Conversation

Start a conversation, whether you do that through a blog post or you simply add at the end of the post that you’d like to hear the reader’s opinion about the subject of the blog. Creating this kind of call to action will be what reminds people to interact. This kind of important need from blogger to reader will motivate the reader to express their thoughts as well. Start by adding a call to action to your blogs, ask for opinions and thoughts, this will lead to shares and more and more people telling friends about the particular blog they read. Another great way to influence a conversation from you blog is to engage with your readers and supporters on social media! Go out there and comment, share, and let people know that you want to support them as well.


Share Your Knowledge

A surefire way to entice a wide group of readers is to show off your skills! With How-to posts constantly trending, get to work and start brainstorming some easy and simple DIY hacks you could incorporate into your blog. When you show your readers how to create something, not only will they trust you more as a writer, but it will also make a bigger memorable impact. Don’t hold everything you know back from the people who are craving to learn more. Give them what they want and show them that you want to actually help them succeed as well. Because of that kind of notion, you’ll soon realize just how much support you will receive in return for this kind of important interaction and service. By showing that you care and want to share what you know, more of your support and audience will support you and help you along your path to success as well. In turn bringing more and more people to your site through interest and wanting to be involved.



Listicles are the trendy new way to deliver information to a blog in a meaningful but quick way. Everyone is so busy these days, which is why it’s important that your content is personal, to the point, full of information, and quick to read or pick up again when they want to keep reading where they left off. Even right now, if you’re reading this, you’re reading alistical! It’s that easy!


Utilize SEO

Make sure your site and each of your blogs are involved with SEO, take a moment to jot down and research some of the hottest keywords that have to do with your subject matter you write about frequently online. If you include these keywords naturally in your blogs, you’ll show up more and more online. A recent CopyPress article says: [Marketer] Neil Patel did A/B testing on his site and found that his homepage with 1,292 words led to more leads – better leads – than a second web page with only 488 words. Why? The content on this page answered questions that were commonly asked from customers. He was already solving their problems before they even bought his product! The word count wasn’t the deciding factor as much as what was actually being said. If you remember how to utilize SEO, you’ll notice a spike in how many people find your work, which will lead to growth in your audience and just how far our reach spreads every month of posting regularly.



No matter what route you choose to take, there are so many options out there when it comes to how you want to share your opinion and how you want others to find those thoughts online. It is very important to make your blog attractive. The most important thing to remember is that certain things take time. Fame doesn’t happen overnight, but the more you pursue this kind of career path, the more you’ll realize just how important every step has been until that end goal you’ll eventually reach.


Start by applying these tactics to your blogging and before you know it, you’ll see just how big of a difference it makes. let me know what’s your opinion on this in comment below.

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