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Google Webmaster/ Search Console Job Interview Question-Answer for Beginners

If you are looking for the Webmaster or Google Search Console interview questionnaire, this is the perfect page to land on. Below, we have discussed all the concepts related to your topic in a question-answer format. These questions are also asked by many interviewers, therefore a thorough study of these questions will help you ace the test. 


  • What are the utilities of a word processor for a WebMaster?

We can convert our document into a webpage to view it as a normal webpage on the browser. Using it, we can also create links to other pages of our own website or different websites.


  • What is the Google Search Console?

Google provides the Google Search Console services to help the webmaster optimize their websites’ visibility. We can also check the indexing status using it. Earlier, google search console was known as Google Webmaster Tools.


  • What are Structured Data?

It is also known as Schema mark-up. With the help of structured data, we can display our webpages in the search results. This information will also enhance our performance in the search results of the search engine.


  • What do you understand by Website Crawling?

The Googlebot or crawler fetches some web pages and then finds new URLs by following different links on these pages. This process is known as Crawling. It helps in making our website discoverable. These crawlers hop from one page to another and keep adding each URL into their huge database. These are retrieved whenever a search result related to the same is to be displayed.


  • What is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a Google web indexing system. It provides faster search results and is a large database of infinite URLs.


  • What is a Crawl Error?

If our website and all the webpages are crawled and yet fail to appear in the search results, or if the search engine displays the crawled webpage as missing, deleted or a server error is shown- then the search bots regard it as a crawl error.


  • How can you make a request to Google to recrawl your website?

Firstly we log in to the webmasters’ website, which is,, then we select the option “URL inspection” where we will have to paste the URL or domain of our website. Then, we press “enter” on the keyboard. If the respective webpage is not indexed, the result will be displayed as “URL is not on Google” after which we can begin the crawling process by clicking on the “Request for Indexing” button. Now if we would want to fetch the complete site, we can click on the sitemap and add a new sitemap. After clicking on the “Submit” button, Google will re-crawl our website in a few days.


  • What do you mean by a Sitemap?

A sitemap displays the complete architecture of our website. This helps the search engine to understand the weblinks and design of our website. 


  • What is disavow in Search Engine Optimisation?

This step help in eliminating the chances of spam or any inbound link to our website. Using this step, you can inform the search engine if a link has no relation to your website.


Search Console Job is one interesting job of exploring the digital world. Become a master of it through our blog and your own work experience once you grab the position you are eyeing. If you have further queries on the related topic, feel free to reach out to us. 

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