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Google My Business to Suggest Positive Reviews to Publish as Posts

  • April 21 2019
  • Shamsher

Google My Business has launched a new feature that will help small business owners showcase their customer's positive reviews.

Google My Business aka GMB will automatically suggest business owner positive reviews which can be shared as a post on google post.

Recent reviews which either 4 or 5 stars will be suggested to business owners when signed in GMB and they may even be sent in an email notification.

And business owner might have the option to edit the customer review be Google search engine result pages. fore sharing as a post.

Google’s announcement states that this Google My Business feature is already rolling out in “some countries.”

But it is not revealed by Google that in which country it is already working.

Google Posts option is an effective way to share positive customers reviews. In addition to appearing on a Google my business page, they may also be shown on Google Maps and in 

These posts are by default live for seven days and can be set to be visible for up to fourteen days.

So you can check if there is something new to share once a week at least.

Reviews Posts can also include CTAs, For example, if a customer leaves a review about a particular service, you can add a CTA with a link to that particular page to your site and also include up to 10 images and videos.

I have not yet seen in my business listing these features so, I am not sure how it is exactly.

it is just launched so it may take some time for business owners to notice they have access.


With Input from Google Updates


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