Tips to Prove the Value of Google Analytics in SEO

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Value of  Google Analytics in SEO

No one can deny the significance of keywords in SEO, as for online marketers, lives depend on the search on keyword data, but with the rising spam and other factors, SEO strategies have been changed.

SEO is more into creating epic content, social media, and other things other than keywords. However, the industry is still conditioned around keywords because for online marketers keywords are the most important parameters.

While most online marketers are coming out of their jinx and focusing on content and other factors, still the conditioned technique is hard to get rid of. Instead of concentrating on a handful of keywords data, it is better to focus on what really matters: organic search and clarity around your business website, mentioning things that really matter to readers.


#Measure Organic Traffic through Google Analytics

Search engine marketers still judge themselves by their skills of ranking for certain keywords on search engines, but your organization needs two important things: overall traffic and conversions.

This can be done through a data comparison tool in Google Analytics. The organic search traffic can be increased not principally because of keywords but many other parameters such as content, site authority, social media penetration, and others.

Another way is to link your Google Webmaster Tools to your Google Analytics account so that you can track your analysis based on the number of impressions, click-through rates, etc.

You need to log in Analytics account and go to your dashboard. Then click on the navigation option “Acquisition” and then go to “Search engine optimization, and finally click on “Queries”. The below screen you must see after doing this procedure:


#Segment Organic Search Traffic by Landing Page

Suppose there are thousands of visits to your site but the indicators are too vast and often confusing and you don’t what drives the reader to visit your site. Obviously, keywords are not the only reason people visit your site; there are plenty of other things that make them bump into your site.

There are multiple options to look deeper into your site statistics. The best way is to look at the Landing Page’s primary dimension, which will give you a clear reading of the pages that drive the organic traffic.


#Converters by a Count of Visit

This segment series presents three segments, showing the behavior of people who convert after the first visit or a maximum of up to six visits. So, you can understand how users take your content and eventually work out on various points in the sales funnel.

You can use any of your favorite content reports to evaluate the content consumption by ‘count of visits’.


#Use Filters

You can improvise your reading method by combining the organic keywords and landing pages into a single field by using the Filter feature of Google Analytics.



It is a lead generation segment that captures users who spend a considerable amount of time on your content. For example, if the average site revenue is $200 then your Whale segment might be set to capture orders with revenue of $500. It is a good way to evaluate your potential opportunities so that you can plan your business to attract more customers.


#Use Multi-channel Funnels

Two areas that always suffer from last-click attribution are organic search and social. This is because the visitors we receive from these sources are often at the top of the marketing funnel and don’t often purchase on the first site visit.

While we may influence their future purchase with our company, it doesn’t always happen on the first date. It often takes a paid search ad, remarketing, email marketing, or a direct visit to complete the buying process for these visitors.


#Demography Report

The demography reports in Google Analytics are a serious tool to measure the nature of the audience. These reports are new, and very few people are utilizing them to the brim. It is difficult initially to use this feature because it requires changing your base Google Analytics code, also it demands an update in your privacy policy.

You need to use the dc.js version of Google Analytics to access the data so you may need to change the code if you are not already using the dc.js version.

The demography features allow you to see the audience’s nature such as age range, gender, and other minor stuff, which could be useful to analyze your target audience.


Conclusion: Apart from focusing on keywords you need to consider other sources of traffic your website is getting. To measure this google analytics plays an important role. I hope the above article must give you insight into the importance of google analytics in SEO.

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