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Google AdWords to Introduce Ad Targeting by E-mail Address

Over the new few weeks Google has said it’ll be rolling out a powerful new addition to AdWords that will allow advertisers to targets ads by email address.

Customer Match, the name for the new AdWords feature, is competent at targeting ads to persons signed-in to Google over Gmail, Search, and Youtube . com.

Uploading a list associated with email addresses will match them up while using corresponding Google users. Moreover, you will also be able to target ads to comparable audiences — people as their profiles share similarities with those from the email list.

With these sets associated with audiences in places it is possible to create entire campaigns around reaching them. Here’s an example provided precisely Customer Match and Similar Audiences can often deliver more relevant ads:

“Let’s say you’re a travel brand. You can now reach people who have joined your rewards program as they plan their next trip. For example, when these rewards members search for “non-stop flights to new york” on, you can show relevant ads at the top of their search results on any device right when they’re looking to fly to New York.”

Google provided no details about the privacy measures in place for Customer Match, other than to say its done in a “secure and privacy-safe way”.

All advertisers will have access to Customer Match and Similar Audiences over the next few weeks.

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