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GoDaddy Web Hosting Customer Review & Rating

  • October 15 2016
  • Shamsher

If you are still thinking that which web hosting company you should buy to host your website or blog or just want to know about customer and experts review about a good web solution service provider. Here we are with the answer!!

Here in this blog we will be reviewing GoDaddy. Well, I know you might think it’s a renowned company, a well known brand in the world of web hosting services and each & every information is there on their website. But still, it is always better to know the pros and cons of any product or service you are planning to buy, in order to ensure higher productivity or the desired results. So let’s get started!!

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About GoDaddy

It was founded by Bob Parsons. Initially launched as Jomax Technologies in the year 1997, which later became GoDaddy Group Inc. It is serving over 13 million customers and has more than 4,000 employee strength.

godaddy hosting review


  • Best affordable plans and services:
  • GoDaddy offers several hosting plans based on Linux or windows in affordable price. They provide wide range of services i.e. Domain name registration, Website building, Hosting (Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated IP, and Premium DNS), Web Security (SSL certificates, UCC/SANS certificates, etc.), Online marketing (DOI, SEO, etc.), Servers (Cloud Servers, Cloud Applications, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers) and email (Professional) & office (Microsoft Office) services, etc. Their partner programs are Reseller programs and affiliates. As per the client’s requirement they have designed their hosting plans and other plans such as Deluxe plans or Ultimate plans or Economy plans.
  • Deals or Hot deals section of GoDaddy is one of the most admired and beneficial option for the customers. As this section allows the customers to choose their plans with some added benefits or services on a discounted price. Do check their plans before opting any web hosting company’s services, you might even get lucky J
  • Their dedicated server plans are best in the market.

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  • VPS Plans offered by GoDaddy are based on Linux or Windows servers. The best part is unlimited domains and email.
  • WordPress Hosting has thousands of themes and Plug-ins, it provides night backups and automatic WordPress software updates, preinstalled CMS is also provided.
  • One of GoDaddy’s best tools is that it’s extremely easy to add forms, social media links, Google Maps, slideshows, and other items to the site by just dragging them around the template.
  • GoDaddy provides email accounts with each shared hosting plan except with its dedicated hosting plans.

godaddy hosting plan

  • Uptime guarantee upto 99.9%:
  • It is one of the most important aspects which actually determine the quality of the service provider. In simple words, if the site is down customers or users will not be able to find you or your products/services. In this case, GoDaddy is very dependable.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: That’s actually exciting right
  • Money-back guarantee:
  • GoDaddy ensures customer satisfaction and always tries to review and upgrade its services. GoDaddy understands the worth of their customers and respect their decisions by offering a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Security: 
  • Security is a big concern today due to the increasing number of hacking cases reported all over the world. Whether an individual blogger or a business tycoon, everybody expects complete security of their website, information and other related databases. GoDaddy offers SiteLock, which is a service that provides a site-verification certificate, app scanning, and spam and malware monitoring. SiteLock can scan up to 500 of a user’s website’s sub-pages to find network exposure and removes malware. As per the customer’s reviews about GoDaddy, these features have made their life easy and tension free as it ensures complete security and keeps an eye on the website and database all the time.
  • 24/7 technical support:
  • Customer support is actually the backbone of any company and effective customer support not only keeps the old customers satisfied but also ensures growth as well as joining of new clients or customers. GoDaddy provides live web chat support as well as phone support to its customers.  Their customer support service is prompt and excellent.

GoDaddy in  the News: 

  • Their marketing strategies like obscene advertisements were highly criticized and controversial.
  • Supporting Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).
  • Deactivating the domain of computer security site Seclists.org, taking 250,000 pages of security content offline.
  • Implementing selective DNS Blackout policy.
  • Complaint from animal rights groups including PETA against Bob Parsons for shooting and killing an elephant at night inZimbabwe, etc.

Awards and Nominations of GoDaddy:

  • BBBof Great Arizona Business Ethics Awards finalist
  • Inaugural Bulby Awards' "Bulby Award" received by GoDaddy's X.CO for Best Use of a Single Letter Domain – 2011.
  • Gold Stevie Award for the Year in Computer Services – 2012.
  • Domain Wire's annual survey's "Best Registrar" award – 2012.


In order to learn about GoDaddy in an effective and easier way let’s discuss about its pros and cons.


  1. Their Plans are cheap and affordable as compared to other web hosting companies.
  2. 99.9% Uptime guarantee.
  3. Money back policy.
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth.
  5. 24*7 customer care support.
  6. GoDaddy is safe and secure.
  7. GoDaddy uses latest technology in order to ensure complete support to their customers.


  1. Plans should be more flexible.
  2. It has custom hosting panel due to which some plugins and themes for WordPress may require separate tutorial.
  3. It limits customer’s databases, email addresses, etc. (except on unlimited plans).
  4. It becomes a bit difficult for the customers when they want to leave or move to another host, as reported by some of the ex-customer’s of GoDaddy.
  5. They have been in news for some wrong reasons and that sometimes creates a panic among the customers as advertisement related controversies can be ignored but the real concern is domain related issues or controversies.


Overall GoDaddy is a good hosting website and their services are better and comparatively cheap and affordable than the other web service providers. It would not be wrong calling them “Daddy” of all web service providers. They have constantly tried to improve their services and upgrade to new technologies that will ensure their growth and through which they will be able to expand their domain size. Though there are certain areas where they must work on or look into but if we analyze their journey it will definitely prove that there are positive changes the company has implemented, which will only be in favor of the customers.

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