How to Increase your Facebook Page Fans?

It is quite common here for Social Media Optimization (SMO) questions like, “What are the best way to gain more fans to the business page..? Here is a simple five-step process, that helps to get more fans to the greatest social media network, Facebook’s page.

It may look like a complicated process, but with a good plan and effort, it is a simpler one.

1. Content Reconsideration

Analyze the content of the post that is being posted. Examine whether the post is a simple text or one that is mixed up with images, links, videos, or any other relevant content.

For posting on Facebook, it is necessary to think informatively in addition to visuals. This offers a great means to provide worthy quality content to the target audience.

By making such a post, the visual presentation will be an appealing one as well. In general, the engagement level is high for the posts that are with images. It is found that photos gain 53% more like 84% more clicks, and 104% more comments than simple text posts.

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2. Effective Use Of Outlets

Cross-promoting the business page is an effective way to improve the business strategy. If the business page in Facebook is a bit ghost town, then use the Twitter page to booming it.

The same work is for Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Linked In, and other popular social media networks. When you are gaining more audiences for a particular media, grab them to other profiles as well.

Most of the people, those who are following in a particular network may not follow in other networks. So, it is wise to mix up your posts on every available social media profile.

It renders value to the company’s business page over multiple platforms. Never duplicate content on social networks. Refresh the content, images, and videos. Keep in mind, it is required that you must yield the user a reason to follow your page.


3. Demonstrating Expertise

Post worthy content that expresses your role as an expert. Craft a Facebook page that acts as a repository for valuable tips, tricks, and insiders knowledge. It must be a place every user wishes to revisit.


4. Posting At The Correct Time

It is worthy to post at a time when people are paying attention. To get more likes and better engagement, make sure that people view your post. Facebook never displays every post to every user.

Posts that are posted at odd times got buried without any use. With the general thumb rule, post when audiences are active in the network.

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5. Buy Facebook Friends

If all the other options fail, buy friends for your Facebook page. This is an option that comes with some hesitance, but this ramps up a page soon. On the Facebook page, click the “Promote Page” button and create an audience for your page in the desired location.

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Conclusion: In this era of digital promotion everyone wants to increase their followers for reaching more and more people and their friends, Facebook is a dominant platform for connecting with your customers. In this article, we have given some tips to increase your Facebook followers.

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