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Content Marketing Job Interview Questions And Answers

  • April 29 2020
  • Shamsher

As expected, with the growth of content marketing, and the investment in content marketing, more companies are opening up content positions in their departments. Content marketers must be great writers and editors, with a strong ability to tell a story. I’ve put together some frequently asked content marketing interview questions and answers that you as a candidate should be able to answer while interviewing for this position.

Q1- What were your content promotion strategies?

Ans- Even the best writing won’t go anywhere if it doesn’t rank on the SERP or get boosted through different promotion channels, like email and social media. Content Promotion Strategies:

  • Send new content to your email list. 
  • Share multiple times to social media. 
  • Syndication. 
  • Send an outreach email. 
  • Mention an influencer 
  • Submit the post to a content community.
  • Connect with a mentoring/peer group.

Q2- What type of content do you have experience creating?

Ans- See if they name content you know they’ll be writing consistently or if it’s just a rambling list of content you don’t create. A content experience is the environment in which your content lives, how it's structured, and how it compels your prospects and customers to engage with your company.

Q3- What is your proofreading process?

Ans- I prefer to use some simple techniques for proofreading the content.

  • Read loudly
  • Check the content on a hard copy
  • Read backwards
  • Check homonyms
  • Check paragraph structures
  • Use spell-check
  • Use softwares like Grammarly, Hemingway, etc.

Q4- What do you know about our company/agency?

Ans- To make a good impression you can share your thoughts about the company’s brand personality, and how your writing can add value to the brand. If you are giving an interview in an ad agency or a content marketing firm, then you must know who their clients are. You can add the following statement to give more substance to your answers: 

The array of clients that the agency is working with is vibrant and eclectic, and it would be a great learning experience for me to write for such a diverse set of clients.

Q5- How do you analyse the performance of content?

Ans- How one defines a successful content may vary depending on the target audience and the marketing objectives. However, some common ways of judging the performance of online content are:

  • Search Engine result page
  • Traffic & repeat traffic
  • Engagement – Likes, shares, comments, etc
  • Call to action – Inquiries, leads, sales, etc.

Q6- Once content is published, how do you promote it?

Ans- Even though you are a content writer, your employer expects you to contribute to the outreach efforts of the organization in some way. You can contribute to this effort by:

  • Sharing the blog/article through social media
  • Asking your co-workers to share the blogs/articles
  • Reaching out to influencers & industry colleagues for their opinion on the blog

Q7- What is the difference between blog and article?

Ans- Articles are a more traditional & formal form of writing. They are meant to inform the reader about a subject using facts, events, analysis, and research. A blog may or may not include elements of an article but is written in an informal and personal fashion. It generally includes the opinion of the writer.

 I have provided a clean and neat list of frequently asked content marketing questions and answers. Most of the employees come in at the junior or entry level position, but these frequently asked content marketing questions and answers could be modified for senior and manager roles. Learn these interview questions and crack your content marketing interview.

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