Scope of Freelancing Career in India?

“Gone are the days when you would nod your head and say “Yes Boss”,

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Now are the days of becoming your OWN BOSS”

From past few years, the start-up ventures in India have bloomed like a blessing, most of these ventures try to minimize their investments wherever possible and particularly on Manpower and why not? Everyone wants a “ Palace at the cost of peanuts “. Hiring someone on a permanent basis to do some work like creating a blog content for the website can be much more cost driven than hiring someone on a freelance basis and getting the work done.

Doesn’t having multiple sources of income and multiple money making skills sound less risky than putting all your eggs in one employer’s basket? – SARA HAROWITZ, FREELANCERS UNION

Thus to get more profits people are hiring freelancers and this has made the doors for freelancing career in India wide open.

Freelancing has given immense opportunities to talented buds to show their skill set and earn a handsome amount to make their pockets happy. Its popularity in Indian work culture can be seen from the fact that it has gradually acquired the tag of one of the most profitable work sectors in India with around 50 percent of the growth in a very short span of time.


Now, before we get to know about the scope and life of freelancing in India, let us first run our hands on the sugar aspects of Freelancing:

1). *Flexible work timings* – Many of the corporate people are bidding bye to their corporate sector and entering the freelance sector; primary reason?

Yes, work timings. Corporate sector does provide a good money but the work timings can get so odd sometimes that your body would feel as numb as a zombie in an apocalypse.

On the other hand, freelancing doesn’t ask for any fixed working hours. You can work at 12 ‘o’clock midnight or with the rise of the sun, it would completely be your choice. The only thing you need to be sure of will be to complete client’s assignment in time.

2) *Time for other activities* – Always had a passion for guitar but got stuck in a 9 to 5 job and passion went in vain, seems like a story of yours? Then, it is the right time to understand the current market requirements and provide some exceptional freelance service to the market.

Freelancing would help you buy bread and butter for your home and would give you ample amount of time to work on your passion and pursue it.

3) *Become your own boss* – Consider a workplace with no one ruling you and amending your ways to work or guiding you about the dress codes, sounds fascinating? Well, freelancing gives you that sort of freedom where your creative inputs will be your only boss.

Already in awe of freelancing as a career option?  Let us now analyze the scope of freelancing in India:

Since the last decade, India is getting rich when it comes to the emergence of new start up ventures which has paved a way for young and brilliant minds to offer their services to these companies to help them grow at a cost that is reasonable. Companies are showing great interest and trust in such freelancers with strong skill prowess and thus freelancing is not considered as a “Part time” job anymore.

Now, one more vital question that arises amidst all this discussion is – “What is the growth graph in freelancing ?”

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Well, just like any other job this question had to be asked and must be answered as well. The growth in freelancing is immense if you are providing quality work. Along with that, the word of mouth and connections in the social circle would get you more work and handsome bucks but at the end of the day, it would be your work which would do the talking and make you reach the zenith of your freelancing career.

The future of freelancing in India is ought to be very secure. The companies want freelancers and people want to become freelancers and it is not just because of the money but because of several other factors as well such as: –


*Stress-free life* – In a survey, full-time freelancers have accepted this fact that leaving their regular job was the best decision they made in their life as freelancing provided them space to work according to their wish and it gradually declined the stress rate for them.

*Work satisfaction* – People in freelancing sector tend to be extremely satisfied with their work. Given the fact that they are not bound to one particular firm and work for several people which ultimately broaden their social circle, people in freelancing tend to feel much more free and independent which gradually provides them with the blissful work satisfaction every 9 to 5 employee wishes for.

All said and done, it is now as clear as water that freelancing is here to stay in India. With its vibrant and lucrative features freelancing is already a hot topic in the business sector and is spreading like wild fire with more and more people joining this field.

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But just to be on safer side, you need to have some savings with you before venturing into the world of freelancing because like any other job freelancing would not make you rich from rags over night, it would take time and patience but eventually, it would be fruitful for you.

All you need in this sector is patience, no procrastination attitude and a mind blowing skill set and you would be flying with bright colors within no time.

At last, it would not be wrong to say that:-  Freelancing is the dish we all craved for  

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