How to Find the Right Niche For Affiliate Marketing


Since you are creating an affiliate website, it will be very important to investigate the market and choose a viable niche that gives you enough traffic supply. Once become familiar with niche you are going to make money in, then the next step would be finding information that consumers need.

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Before you start building your affiliate website, you need to find out which niche will make you more money and has less competition.

finding niche for affiliate marketing

Balancing out the niche’s affiliate competition and the average product’s affiliate commission is something that you need to treat very carefully.

It will make less sense to enter a saturated niche (in terms of how many affiliates are active in), even if the products there offer generous affiliate commissions.

Finding those niches that have this right balance requires researching your niche on many levels.

But rest assured that this will not be a problem, as I will try to outline to you the best way to find those golden niches that can make you the most money.

Find Niches by Product Type

Your niche will ultimately determine which products you can promote and that tie up your niche with your affiliate product in a big way.

For example, there are niches for:

  1. Physical products
  2. Software products
  3. Services products
  4. Ebook products

If you are inclined to promoting one product type over the other, then there is a way to find the niches that these products are in.

The benefit of targeting a niche by product type is that you can guarantee that the average affiliate commission is high.

For example, physical products are usually high priced and any affiliate commission on them will be higher than say a 50% commission on a $10 ebook.

Also, a niche like ebooks is good because there are usually low refund rates for such products.

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You see, each niche has its own pros and cons which mean that there is no perfect niche in itself, but rather there is a perfect niche for each different person.

Let me show you how to find niches for software type products.

Open Google and search for “software to a” (replacing A with any alphabet letter)

niche research ideas

These are all niches that offer many affiliate products to promote.

By checking out few products in any of these niches, you can find out the average product prices in the niche and how much affiliate commission are usually being paid.

Some affiliate networks like Amazon, do provide a product-type categorization for their 1000s of products.

By browsing through those categories you can also see the product prices without the need of doing further research on Google.

amazon keyword research

Find Niche by Affiliate Commission

This is the most sought after an indication of products profitability among many affiliate marketers.

While it should not be the main factor you use to judge if the product is profitable or not, it is still what will actually determine how much you will be paid for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Other factors to look at for any product is how good it is and how the customers feel in terms of support (technical and customer support).

To find niches that host products with high commissions (max being 75%), you can do a Google search for “75%”

75% keyword research

You will see many affiliate programs with your specified commission rate, and you can pick the affiliate program in the niche you desire.

High Paying Affiliate Programs Niches

There are also niches that are known to give affiliate commissions that can average $500 per 1 sale.

Almost any product in these niches will be profitable and they are very popular among many affiliate marketers.

  • Travel Niche
  • Gaming Niche
  • Health Niche
  • Insurance Niche
  • Luxury Items Niche

What makes these niches very profitable is that some of them offer a recurring monthly commission for affiliates.

Or more simply, the products there are very high priced and have 5 figure price tags.

You can focus your affiliate marketing campaign on selling 1 product per month with $1000 affiliate commission and still make more money than selling 100 copies each month for a less generous affiliate product.

Segment Your Niche for More Options

Niche segmentation is a concept that is more common among professional marketers.

Big companies have a whole department dedicated to scout the market and look for ways to penetrate it from a unique and yet high demanding angle.

You need to use this concept and apply it in your affiliate marketing business.

The idea behind niche segmentation is to divide your main niche into smaller micro niches.

Those micro niches offer different variety of products and sometimes totally different in their type (i.e. ebooks, physical products, software…etc).

And when you see products divided among many micro niches, it means that there will be a different set of affiliate marketers in each niche segment.

Your goal as an affiliate marketer is to identify the most profitable micro niches and come up with a plan to sell your affiliate products and build your website.

The best tool you can use to segment your niche is Google Search.

Typing in your niche keyword followed by A, B, advisesC (pretty much all the alphabets) can generate popular micro niches for you:

niche keyword search

Building a laser targeted affiliate website can be a decisive factor especially when you are competing with other affiliates for the same product.

Think about it, two affiliate marketers who promote the same product but one of them covers multiple micro niches and the other covers just one micro niche.

Now when a visitor comes to each one of those websites, he will find the affiliate website that focuses on 1 micro niche more interesting.

That’s because you can go in-depth in your content and solve other related problems. You can even enlighten your visitors on other areas they didn’t know about.

While the affiliate marketer that focuses on multiple micro niches will struggle to go in-depth for the visitor’s problem.

He is just trying to cover the surface of each micro niche, which makes his affiliate website provides less value.

Conclusion: Give niche finding phase enough time so you can do your research right, advice from other affiliate marketers. Or if you are enrolled in any affiliate marketing training (see then take your time to learn various niche finding techniques.

Once you find your niche, you will be able to move forward to the other aspects of affiliate marketing knowing that you have the all the basics covered.

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