7 Best Essay Writing Tools

Writing essays is one of the most time consuming and difficult assignments for many students. Writing essays isn’t easy, and sometimes we all need help from essay writing tools.

There are many essay writing tools available on the Internet but it can be hard to choose the essay writing software that will fulfill your needs. That is why we recommend list of best essay writing tools, because they truly offer what they promise and never let you down with skillful essay writing services.

Here is the list of best essay writing tools:


#1. Essay Map


Expository writing is becoming a more crucial ability for students in elementary, middle, and high schools to learn. Students can create an outline using this interactive graphic organiser, which includes an opening statement, the primary concepts they wish to explore or describe, the supporting details, and a conclusion that summarises the key ideas. 

The application provides users with a number of options for information navigation, including a graphic in the upper right corner that enables students to travel about the globe without following a linear path. The completed map can be printed, saved, or emailed.


#2. Evernote

Evernote was established to address a major issue that technology played a part in creating: how to thrive in a world where the amount and velocity of information are always rising.

Evernote won’t compel you to choose a particular method of organisation. Either set up a notebook system, or don’t organise at all. A short search can turn up any note.

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Some note-taking apps severely restrict the information you can save online. Web pages, pictures, and PDFs may all be saved and annotated using Evernote’s Web Clipper.

Evernote Web offers every feature available on any significant browser. Evernote integrates with the programmes you use frequently, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Slack, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Zapier.


#3. Dictation

Dictation quickly converts your spoken words into text by using Google’s robust speech recognition engine. On your Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux computer, you must have Google Chrome installed. While Chrome for Android also supports dictation, we advise using a desktop browser for increased productivity. It is not iPad or iPhone compatible.

Popular languages like English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and more can all be recognised and translated by dictation.

Using straightforward voice commands, you may add new paragraphs, punctuation, smileys, and other special characters. Say “New line” to move the cursor to the following list, for example, or “Smiling Face” to insert a smiley.


#4. Hemingway

Your writing becomes direct and concise thanks to the app. It draws attention to lengthy and difficult sentences so you can think twice about breaking them up. The software uses color-coded highlights to help you be mindful of your usage of adverbs, passive voice, complex phrases, and long sentences.

The American author Ernest Hemingway, who is renowned for his straightforward writing style, inspired the name of the app. Making your essay concise, direct, and compelling will enable it to be better.

To achieve comparable results, you can upload your text to a website or utilise the app. But the bot is prone to machine mistake, so use caution when following its advise.


#5. Cliché Finder

This free cliché finder identifies and emphasises clichés in your work so you can get rid of them. With just a press of a button, you may locate clichés in texts, poetry, or other creative writing. 

By detecting and removing cliché, tired, or overused words, idioms, and phrases, you can quickly improve your writing and communication skills. Our cliche checker finds results using a special algorithm and a vocabulary of overused expressions.

Utilizing this kind of tool is really simple. Clichés are easily identified by pasting text into a box, selecting next, and then reading the results. The kind of text you wish to check doesn’t matter. 

Cliché checkers use an advanced algorithm and expressions that have been identified as overused to produce reliable findings.


#6. Citation Machine®

We’ll assist you with making the appropriate bibliography regardless of the citation format you’re using (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

Our comprehensive grammar guides offer an in-depth overview on more than 50 grammar-related topics, whether you’re a student, writer, language learner, or simply seeking to brush up on your grammar abilities.

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Our Citation Machine® MLA guide will assist you in mastering the citation process and is packed with numerous examples and illustrations. Learn how to properly credit your sources, including websites, books, journal articles, magazines, newspapers, movies, and social media.


#7. PaperRater

PaperRater.com is a free tool that uses artificial intelligence to improve student writing. The most potent automated proofreading tool now available on the Internet is created by our Paper Checker technology, which integrates Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Computational Linguistics, and Data Mining.

In addition to our free online grammar check, we offer a free plagiarism detection that employs the enormous indexes of the major search engines.

Additionally, we provide students with access to a top-notch vocabulary building tool that teaches them how to properly use words with more nuance.



If you want to write a top quality essay, a good place to start is with the best essay writing tool. We hope that this review has helped you choose the best essay writing tool for your needs.


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