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How to Enable Amazon Site Stripe for Affiliates

What is Amazon Affiliate SiteStripe?

This is a navigation bar for Amazon affiliates to easily create links from pages on Amazon, check stats, go to the affiliate discussion boards, and more.


What is New Feature of  SiteStripe?

The new SiteStripe feature allows you to create links directly from the site without having to visit Associates Central. It lets you build links to any page on Amazon, and even share those links on Facebook or Twitter. It also has handy shortcuts to some other useful Associates pages.

How to Enable/Disable Affilaite SiteStripe?

If you click Settings > Options, you can turn off the Site Stripe and select which buttons are displayed.

I love this new feature because I would have to open two browsers in the past to create Amazon affiliate links: one for the direct link to a given product and the other for the affiliate interface to create a link.

The Site Stripe only seems to show up if you’re logged in to your Amazon account already. At least, that was my experience when taking a look in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

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