Top 8 Email Verification Tools For 2022

Sifting through databases to verify subscriber information seems like a never-ending task. It’s time consuming, especially when so much of the work is performed manually.

It takes valuable time that could be better used elsewhere – like growing your list. Or taking care of your customers. Or getting on with other projects.

Use email verification software to help you make sure addresses are correct and non-double opt-in addresses. They offer you an easy and fast way to verify thousands upon thousands of people in just minutes. Check out our carefully picked list for the best email verification tools!

List of top email validation tools


#1. ZeroBounce

Through the power of email, ZeroBounce connects businesses with their customers to help them spread their message.Our goal is to create the greatest email validation system in the world, and we do it with the best staff.

Some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the email industry designed ZeroBounce. They have years of experience and work tirelessly to develop and improve email deliverability.


  • Reach out to your customers and purge your email list.
  • Verify emails in real time, every time.
  • Validate emails instantly.
  • Target the email subscribers who are most active.
  • The greatest email scoring system for your list.
  • Reach the inbox, every time.
  • Get real-time blacklist monitoring.





#2. Mailfloss

An email verification tool isn’t very useful if it isn’t accurate. At mailfloss, we’re dedicated to accurate results every time. Our method contains over 20 tests and runs on a global infrastructure.

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When you connect mailfloss to your favourite email service provider, we scan for invalid email addresses and remove them every single day, increasing your email deliverability and getting more of your emails into the priority inbox.


  • Connect your email service provider
  • Set your frequency & cleaning preferences
  • Choose what you want to do with the invalid ones
  • Reporting, analytics, and other goodies





#3. MailerCheck

Take charge of your email list and boost open rates and ROI with quick, trustworthy insights that support your strategic email list and campaign decisions.

Use the API to instantly validate new emails, upload your entire email list, or verify a single email address. Get automated advice about list management so you may clean up invalid emails for optimum deliverability.


  • Verify your email list in 3 simple steps
  • Maximize deliverability and open rates by testing your email content
  • Check if your emails will reach the inbox or land in the spam folder.
  • Keep your email lists clean the moment you collect new email addresses.
  • Optimize your lists and improve how you collect emails using reports.





#4. EmailListVerify

Check emails before adding them to your database. Implement ELV’s real-time API in your website’s newsletter signup form, website registration process, and wherever else you request emails. 

Comprehensive Email Verification but for half the cost. Without going overboard, get rid of spam traps, hard bounces, disposable emails, and catch-all emails.


  • Bulk email verification
  • Email verification API
  • Integrations
  • Email Health Checker
  • Email Blacklist Checker
  • Email Extractor
  • MX Lookup





#5. Clearout

With only one click, you can upload your email database and purge your email list with this bulk email verifier. You will without a doubt receive results that are 98%+ accurate and extensive statistics to learn about spam traps, harsh bounces, soft bounces, disposable bounces, catch-all bounces, and much more.

With the help of Clearout’s real-time email validation API, Javascript widget, or WordPress plugin solutions, you can guard your database from bogus, disposable, and poor email.


  • Email Verification & Finder Service.
  • Validation Inspections That Establish Accuracy
  • Quick or immediate email verification.
  • Verification and validation of bulk email lists.
  • Data Protection.




#6. Email Checker

With a server environment created and devoted to the job, Email Checker has unrivalled ability to process and check email domains. We comprehend the need for an email verification API to be quick and, most importantly, precise.

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Our API is designed to run as quickly as possible and offers the broadest coverage among ESPs. With its continued growth, Email Checker has emerged as one of the most reputable websites for email validation.






#7. Hunter

The Email Verifier was created by us to be as comprehensive as possible, with many stages of validation including format, domain information, mail server response, and comparison to our exclusive database of business email addresses.

Additionally, you can examine a list of email addresses. Watch as your file is enhanced with complete email verifications as you upload it.

Our API also gives you access to Hunter’s core services. With a single API call, you may obtain the entire check result for any email address.


  • Find the email addresses of a company.
  • Find the email address of a professional.
  • Verify any email address.
  • Simple cold email campaigns.
  • Connect to your favorite application.




#8. NeverBounce

We always deliver when it comes to email verification. With unmatched customer service, an intuitive platform, and the most accurate email verification available, we take great satisfaction in what we have to offer.

At the moment of entrance, directly verify customer emails. Add Verify with ease to your lead pages, signup forms, or other email collection areas. Reach your customers for less than a dime and stop phoney and misspelt emails in their tracks.


  • Bulk Email List Cleaning
  • Real-time Email Verification
  • Automated List Cleaning




Email verification services are growing more and more popular with the rise of online business. We hope that we have helped you to make an informed choice about which email verification tool is best for you, and that you will have the option to eliminate false positives on your list.


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