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Earn with AdSense for search

AdSense for search enables you to offer your users Google web search directly from your pages. By placing an AdSense for search box on the site, you’ll generate earnings from ad clicks of users on the search results pages.

You won’t, however, receive profits from user searches through your current AdSense for the Search box. When users perform searches on the site but choose not to click on the ads on the search results pages, you will not receive almost any earnings.

As a way to retain the visitor in your blog and lower the bounce rate, it’s a great advice to show the search result in your blog. In this tutorial, I will be sharing ways to create Adsense for search and show the outcomes within your blog page.

When we configure Adsense for search, we have two options to show search results:

  • Within Blog page
  • On Google page

You can earn dollars with Google Adsense for Search then you could start to Migrate to it? Need to migrate? Huh! Read that tutorial! I know, most you will know about Google Adsense intended for search but it’s not bad to let people recognize who don’t know likely losing a handsome amount of money from their search final results.

Using New Adsense interface as an example and if you still using old Adsense interface, you can click on “Try the new Adsense interface” top right to get into new Adsense dashboard.

1) Open your Adsense account, click on “My Ads”, select “Search” from left, click on “Custom Search Engines” and Click “New Custom Search Engine”.


2) Fill your name, keywords, and all the other data.

3) In “What to Search”, select “Only Sites I select” and write the complete URLs (Including HTTP://) of the sites you want to search. You may only add your site to show results from your blog/site.


4) In “Search Results and Ad location”, scroll to “Search Results” and select “On my website using an iframe”.


5) Now login to WordPress dashboard and create a new WordPress page. This page will be the place where the search results would be shown. It’s better to create a page name with “Search” and don’t forget to use no index tag for that page. So let’s assume your page name is domain.com/search

6) So in above image, in URL Field, you will be adding http://domain.com/search. Replacing domain name with your actual domain name.

7) Click on “Save and get the code”. You will get two codes. The 1st code is for displaying the search box, and the 2nd one is to be added to the page where you will like to show the search results i.e., the page you create in 5th step.

8 ) Open your WordPress Dashboard and open HTML editor of the page you created in 5th step. Paste the 2nd Adsense you got in the previous step.


9) Create a text widget and paste the 1st Adsense code.

10) All is well! You are done, Start earning from Search results.

[*] If your search box is looking big, find “size=” in the 1st Adsense code and set its value to a lesser amount.

Many Adsense publishers claimed of which search box helps these phones generate good profits. You can always configure advertisement placement for search while setting the ad or even edit the already created channel from a dashboard.

Do let us know if you utilize Adsense for search and so are you showing search result on the blog page, or you letting your readers move away from your blog?

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