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Tips To Wakeup Early For Night Owl Bloggers

Wake up early is one of the toughest things for night owl bloggers and tech people who work late at night. Actually, they are not aware of the positive things of waking early in the morning.

In the early morning, everything is quiet as the people have not begun moving, the perfect moment for quiet reading, exercise, meditation, and writing.

Waking early is the best to give you an hour or two of extra hours for creativity and focus. While you could do those creative works later in the day, mainly people don’t. Some people wake up to enjoy the extra quiet hours.


The Slow-Slow Method of Making Habit:

A great way for changing the waking time, you can do it gradually — 5 to 10 minutes earlier for 3-5 days, until you feel comfortable in it, and then repeat it again and again.

People who work late at night like content writers, bloggers, and tech people can feel difficult to get up early in the morning. However, they should try to correct their working timings, sleeping pattern and get up timing.

If your waking time is at 9 a.m. normally, do not suddenly try to change it to 5 a.m. Try 4:45 a.m. first.

Sudden changes of wake-up time in the early morning are not good for your health and you can feel a headache, low, sleep and the irritating whole day.

If you start 1 to 2 hours earlier, on the first day, then you will have an exhausting time, and not joyful for you. The next day, you will feel a big sleep deficit. The third day is even tougher. After one week, you will feel very low and weak.

Sleeping patterns are not easy to change, and so the gradual system works much better than anything. So try to change your timing of early get up slowly.


3 Most Important Things for Early Get Up:

So, if you have strong determination, then just start working with your alarm clock for 10-15 minutes earlier than your normal time, and then again set it another 10-15 minutes earlier for a few days, and soon you are at 40-50 minutes earlier than regular … but now you have the habit to press the snooze alarm and stay in bed.


 Important steps how to deal with these things:


 Jump Of Bed: Jump of bed with enthusiasm. Get up from the bed and spread your both arms and wish to GOD and start your activities and get ready to start your day with open arms. You will feel seriously enthusiastic.

Be Eager for New Day: Start your day with yoga, meditation, or exercise. Believe me! You will feel vibrant and energetic throughout the day. Always be eager for the new day and give thanks to God for this wonderful life.

In the morning, just wake up and remember that exciting thing, that will encourage you to get up in the early morning.

Keep Your Alarm Away From You: If your alarm is right next to you, you will press the snooze button easily. So the good thing is that keep it on the other room side and you will have to wake up to turn it off.

After that, just remember you’re exciting things and you will feel great in the quiet and soothing morning.


What to Do When You Get Up in The Early Morning?

First of all, do not start your early morning with usual works like watching the news, seeing social media don’t check your emails and blogs. Do not waste your newfound day doing the same things you always do.

Here Are Several Other Important Activities That Are Much Better:

Drink some glasses of water: You are dehydrated from not consuming water the whole night. Drink some glasses of lukewarm water if you can. It will give you energy and a more awake feel.
Try Yoga: Even just for 30 minutes. Yoga is such a wonderful method to start your new day.
Write something: Writer or bloggers can write much better in the quiet morning. You can also do some other type of creating work.
Meditation: Nothing is better than meditation. Only 10 to 15 minutes of meditation can improve your concentration.
Enjoy some sips of a cup of tea or coffee: Yes! Some sips of hot coffee or tea can make your day wonderful and enthusiastic.


How to Improve Your Sleeping Pattern?

  • You cannot wake up early without sleeping in earlier. You have to follow some tips before going to bed:
  • Set your sleeping time and try to take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep for a good morning. A healthy sleeping pattern is very important otherwise you can feel low and sleepy the whole day.
  • Do not use the computer and laptop on the bed just before sleeping time. It can disturb your sleep and you will feel less sleepy.
  • Do not think too much when you are going to sleep. It can ruin your sleep and you will not able to get up in the early morning.
  • Watch funny TV shows just before going to bed. It will make your mood better and you can take a healthy and sound sleep.
  • Eat a light meal at the dinner. Light dinner is a good idea at night as it is easy to indigestion.


Conclusion: Bloggers and internet marketing often work late at night and wake up late in the morning which affects their health as well as their mind.

so we should take care of our health with the right time management for our startup, blogs, and online working jobs otherwise these late-night work habits can decrease your productivity.

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