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Understanding, What is Domain name

“The more you get seen, the more is your worth”


The above lines are as true as the light of the sun or water of the ocean.

Today, in this fast-paced world everyone is racing to get in touch with as many people as they can because everyone knows that the more the audience the better the brand worth/name.

In this case, the Internet becomes the cure for them. We live in a tech-savvy age where a single information is sent to a million people at a mere click, such is the power of the Internet .

Internet sets up a platform to make “WEBSITES” or “WEB PORTALS” so that people could broadcast their product /service/thing to a large section of people. Not just it is very convenient but cost effective as well.

Now, how are these websites made? Well, just as any building which needs a strong base to get build up, websites also need a strong base or a platform to get made and such platforms are called “DOMAINS”.


Let us take a deep dive in the ocean of “Domains”:-

What is a domain?


Every website is accompanied by a specific set of numbers known as IP address but because we as human beings are more likely to remember words it can get difficult for us to recall numbers of every other site that is why URL or Domain are there which are the set of words used to identify a website. To build a website, a domain is bought from domain selling sites and then a domain name is decided and post that the website content is spilled over that domain.

(You can buy domains from sites like godaddy.com, namecheap.com etc.)


Why do you need a domain or a domain name?


Firstly and most importantly a domain name makes you stand away from the crowd, it gives you an identity which is unique in its own way. A good domain name helps you build a website and thus Provide a more sophisticated and professional look to your business and also help it flourish. Another very strong reason to register your business on the domain name is to protect the trademark and increase the brand credibility along with search engine positioning.


What is the pricing of the domains?


Well, today there are many sites sellings domains at a very reasonable rate. Some great offers like getting a domain at a mere Rs.49/month (Bigrock.com) or getting a domain at just Rs. 99 (godaddy.com) are already a rage in the market.

Although it also depends on the type of content you would post on your website, a content with high graphics and everything would need a much stronger domain and as a result of which its cost will increase than the standard domains.


All said and done, you are just a “DOMAIN” away from making your name a BIG NAME.

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