7 Digital Marketing Strategies for E-commerce

Do you want to increase your annual online sales? Here are some strategies that will help you earn more gross turnover. Despite the fact we are living in a digital age, eCommerce sites face many challenges. As there are millions of shopping options, the competition is fierce. Through goggles, people can easily see and compare the prices of different products and choose the best out of them to buy.

With the growing competition in the digital market, here are seven digital market strategies that will help you capture a share of annual online sales.

1. Boost product visualization – 

Consumers have now become very visual. If your exceptional product is adequately visualized, it will help you show off quickly and effortlessly. Without actually reading the product, the consumer buys it by just looking at its details.

Some leverage tools that allow people to zoom in, spin the product to 360 degrees. This 3D technology enhances the shopping experience of the customers. Using 3D over flat images increases sales by 25% to 30%.

2. Add video –

It is not always necessary to add video for your product, but if you have something to show off in your product, make sure you add the video for the product. Adding video will help the customer to make the purchase easy and will understand the product better.

3. Leverage wish lists –

If you have a wish list on your site, this will provide you with the gold mine information. With the wish list information, you can personally encourage the customer to buy that product. You can send the email to the customers like clearance of product, or low inventory, sales notice and create a sense of urgency.

4. Flexible delivery –

People usually abandon their cart when they do not like the delivery option available. So the best way to increase cart abandonment is to limit the delivery options. Customers want to pay and want to know if their product will arrive quickly. So while keeping the price in mind, your number one priority should be speedy and efficient delivery.

5. Mobile friendly –

Most phone users do online shopping. You can make your site accessible for the customer to use by;

  • Ensure that you include a shopping cart that scrolls with the customer, so they don’t have to scroll up to find the product.
  • Include the Add-to-cart button option so that people can easily add the products they like and make the purchase quickly.

According to Outer box, 7% of mobile users had made an online purchase using their phones within the last six months before their survey. Therefore, your site must be mobile-friendly. 

1. Use Re-targeting –

For the success of any e-commerce site, Re-targeting is central. Re-targeting allows you to follow your customer while online, and you can show your products to them. Then, once they visit your site, your ads can help them purchase their choice.

2. Encourage social purchase –

Lastly, but not least, encourage your social channels to allow customers to make purchases. Instead of compiling people to purchase from the site, let them directly purchase from the feeds. Promoting your products can be done on Facebook and Instagram, the best way to increase your sales as most people are active on these sites.

The Wrap  

There should be good e-commerce strategies for developing more traffic on your site and encourage purchases. If people are impressed with the way you offer them the products, they will re-visit the site, which will help you earn more sales. The abovementioned seven strategies will help you earn more market share.

I hope this will be very useful for you all. If there are any further suggestions, do write in the comment section below.

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