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Digital Marketing Tips for Startups in Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Since Dubai is a business hub in the world so,  startups and entrepreneurs are also rising there.  A lot of new businesses start in all parts of the world but eventually close because of a lack of right digital marketing strategies for businesses in Dubai especially in the world of online & technology right strategy for the success of a startup is crucial. One of the main reasons companies fail is poor marketing strategies or high marketing expenses and a lack of right business tools and marketing strategies.

In their marketing strategies, many successful businesses in Dubai have a common element-” digital marketing. Their relatively low cost of reaching the target audience makes digital marketing an affordable choice for the companies.

Recommended strategies for Dubai based startups on digital marketing

While big businesses have plenty of marketing options, startups usually need to focus on the most efficient strategies to ensure the best ROI possible.  Digital marketing is much more cost-effective than traditional marketing and also provides more targeting options to ensure they spend your advertising budget on your target audience.

#1. Social Media Marketing to Boost Your Brand Awareness

Engage your potential customers through social media channels. Social media is a blessing to companies for reaching out in a short period to a massive number of people. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the most popular social media platforms in Dubai and other United Arab Emirates regions. Snapchat gains popularity, too. All of these platforms provide both free and paid marketing options. Startups may use free platforms, but paid advertising on these channels provides more efficient ways to reach the target audience. A social media marketing agency in Dubai, through effective social media campaigns, can help startups get an initial boost.

#2. Search Engine Optimization to Generate Organic Leads

Ensure that your website is visible to your potential audience when they search for the business you are offering on Google. For many, it is no longer the most convenient option to ask friends and relatives about business recommendations. Nearly every Dubai-based person is the internet-savvy and looks for recommendations at Google. So, there’s no better place to display your site. SEO is no quick or inexpensive option. Although Google doesn’t charge you any fees to get your website listed on the search results, you must invest some money to build an optimal website and apply the organic SEO strategies to ensure that your website ranks top of your competitors, so that your website can be easily seen in the first few positions when your potential customers search. A Dubai-based SEO company can help you organically rank your website against Google search results.

#3. Search Engine Advertising (PPC Ads) for Hot Leads/Sales on Website

Showcase your business to people on Google through Ads when they are searching for business products you offer. Google started showing paid ads on the search results page several years ago over the organic results. The number of paid advertisers has increased significantly over the past few years, and Google has also increased the number of paid ads. So, many people who search on Google may not scroll down to see the organic results, but by clicking on the Ads, they can navigate to your competitors. Considering that the companies in UAE are very knowledgeable on the internet, a good number of them are already on Google Search Ads and that alone is a good reason for you to consider Google Search Ads as a digital marketing strategy for your Dubai startup.

#4. Display Advertising for Branding & Traffic from the Web

Advertise your business on various websites that display ads through banners and video ads. Display Advertising offers a chance to showcase your products and services to people who are not looking for them. Google Display Ads is an excellent way for hundreds or thousands of websites that use Google Ad Services to advertise your business. All your ads can be managed in one place and payments can be handled through a single channel. Google Display Ads is an affordable advertising system designed to reach out to a large number of people.

#5. Content Marketing to Attract Inbound Customer Searching Online

Share information and content about your business on the website so that people can read about your business on multiple channels, thereby making your brand more visible and trusted. On your website, you can write anything about yourself and your business. But if someone else tells the same, that adds much more value. There might also be some level of resistance to direct marketing by people. Content marketing is a way of indirectly sharing information about your business–by talking about issues and presenting your services and products as the solution to those problems. This sort of indirect marketing can easily convince people to choose your business as they reach out to your content when the solution you are offering is in real need.

6#. Marketing Influencer for Brand Recognition in Industry

Not just you, let other people who influence your potential clients talk about your business. This is an effective way to reach out to lots of people. Some many online influencers and celebrities have a huge number of followers. Find a way of letting them talk about your business. It will often include payments to them but it will be worthwhile for you, as long as they can recommend your business to an audience with an interest in your products and services. Dubai has many influencer bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers who often accept paid promotions over their channels. Reach them and find out how to make use of their services.

#7. Retargeting & Remarketing to Increase Conversion & Returning Customer

How many times have you looked at certain products on e-commerce websites like Amazon and since then have you seen the same product Ads repeatedly on every website you visit? That is’ remarketing’ Nutshell, remarketing means repeatedly advertising to people who have shown interest in your products beforehand. Implementation is a bit tricky and sophisticated since it requires a certain level of technical knowledge to set up a remarketing campaign effectively. A professional digital marketing company that offers remarketing services in Dubai may want you to take help.

#8. Email Marketing for Customer Retention 

Email marketing has been used for marketing around the world for the last decades. Although the email service providers have become smart and have given low priority to marketing and promotional emails, it is still used by many companies as a low-cost marketing method. You can easily build your potential customers ‘ database and use email marketing to remind them of your services. Be sure to avoid spamming by email since this can harm your brand. Email service providers can permanently block your domain, and thereafter you may not deliver important emails. 

#9. Conversion Focused Landing Pages to Get Most Out of Ads & Marketing

You may have built a load of information on a wonderful website. While providing a lot of information is a good thing and helps with SEO, plenty of information can easily get your readers lost among. 

Instead of contacting you to make use of your services, they continue to read some stuff and end up getting lost. This is a common issue that we have seen with a lot of Dubai startups websites. A conversion-oriented landing page with proper Call To Action elements on your website can significantly increase the possibility of conversion and therefore bring you better ROI. 

If you are starting a business now, be sure to pay close attention to the architecture of your website. Ensure your website follows the best conversion optimization practices.

#10. Client Relationship Management CRM to Manage & Nurture & Followup Leads

For your business, use CRM software because it optimizes marketing strategies, improves efforts at upselling and enhances customer relations. With these tools, you can also leverage your customer data to make adjustments to your operations and streamline a variety of sales and marketing tasks.

If you don’t already have a CRM system, then perhaps it’s time to consider investing in one. But when choosing a CRM system, there are certain things to consider. To help you out, in this article we’ll outline some reasons why get one of those software solutions. We’ve also listed some of this platform’s leading examples so you can start choosing which one suits your operations.

#11. Add Chatbot on Your Website to Interact with Capture Visitors Information

Chatbots are gold dust for enterprises and play an important marketing role. With a good understanding of your customer journey, you can successfully program-specific messaging and conversations within the bot. You can see the ROI in improved customer satisfaction, efficiency and cost reduction of course and chatbots can be a secret weapon in your marketing arsenal to increase sales. Even if your customer service team is topnotch, it’s clear that website with chatbot capture more leads of visitors than a website with just contact forms-not chatbot.


Conclusion: Although these tips are being prepared with the Dubai startups, they generally apply to all businesses across the UAE and the rest of the world. Whether you’re running a business in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or any other UAE emirates, these strategies can be tweaked depending on your marketing competition, audience behavior, local laws, popular digital platforms in your area, etc. Experienced digital marketing agencies can help optimize your marketing plan and help you attain the best ROI possible.

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