Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Czech Republic – Prague

Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Czech Republic

Advertising and marketing in Czech universities are programs that are very attractive among school graduates. For example, last year, 642 school graduates were submitted to the specialty “Marketing Communications and Public Relations” at Charles University, and, for comparison, one of the most popular areas for Open Computer Science at the Czech University of Technology was 548.

There are few higher educational institutions in the Czech Republic; Within the educational system, many universities are only obtaining accreditation. What universities then teach the areas mentioned above, and what is essential for successful admission and training at them?


1#. Charles University, marketing communications, and PR

The Institute for Communication Research and Journalism, where this specialty is studied, belongs to the faculty of social studies. The undergraduate program is designed for three years. The main goal is to provide quality education both at the theoretical and practical levels, which the graduate will apply in the professions related to communications: from press secretary to senior management in PR.

Education is built on the principle of holistic personality education, so students gain a broad knowledge about professional ethics and the consequences of working with the public. After that, it is possible to continue studies in related fields or to serve in government bodies, commercial and non-profit organizations.

Entrance requirements 

Entrance examinations consist of 2 parts.

Written – passing tests in English and OSP (general prerequisites for learning), which tests various types of thinking.

Tests are passed five times a year only, and you must pre-register for them.

The next part is an interview where you need to show your motivation and talk about what you read. Be sure to navigate in Czech and international politics, history, and the humanities. The study will cost 3,200 USD. 

Address: Charles University, Ovocný trh 560/5, Prague 1, 116 36, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 224 491 111 

E-mail: [email protected]

Official website:


#2. Tomas Bata University, medical communication research

This educational institution, where you can comprehend the marketing sciences, is located in the city of Zlin, in the south-eastern part of the country. The undergraduate course lasts three years, and then you can continue studying in a master’s program (2 years). It is possible to obtain a master’s degree in the same specialty, but not similar, in contrast to the University of Prague mentioned above.

The training ground, like some other state Czech universities, provides the opportunity to choose subjects (in addition to compulsory) following their interests, and this will improve knowledge and help to become a sought-after specialist. Diploma Supplement is issued for the diploma – a document with information about the graduate and the qualifications obtained in English, which simplifies communication with foreign institutions and employers.

The student will learn a lot from the fields of marketing, economics, presentation of various products, advertising, etc.

Entrance exams

The exam for future bachelors is a written test that tests creative and logical thinking and knowledge in the fields of history, politics, culture, philosophy, economics, entrepreneurship, and the media. Entrance examinations for the master’s program consist of 2 parts: tests in English and the topics studied in earlier and the oral part with discussion. To study at this university will cost less than 2,000 USD per year. 

Address: T. G. Masaryka Str., 5555, 760 01 Zlín, Czech Republic

Phone +420 57 603 2222 

Email: [email protected] 

Web site


#3. Technical University in Ostrava, marketing and trade

The specialty is taught at the Faculty of Economics, so the curriculum is aimed at trade relations, macro and microeconomics, law, and computer science. Working with information and solving various problems – these are the primary knowledge and abilities that students should acquire.

Conditions of entry 

For admission, you must pass a test on the general prerequisites for learning (bachelor’s program) and write an exam in a foreign language, economics, mathematics, and statistics. The study here will cost around 3,600 USD. 

Address: 17. Listopadu Str. 2172/15, 708 00 Ostrava

Email: [email protected], [email protected] 

Phone: +420 597 326 001



#4. Higher School of Economics in Prague, the marketing department

Another option to get an education in the indicated professions is to study at the HSE. There is no separate specialization in these areas, but there are faculties (management or enterprise management, for example), in which subjects related to them are studied. Students gain critical practical and strategic skills and experience.

Already, marketing is actively developing on the Internet. Companies are promoted on social networks, sites, and landing pages. Internet marketing is a specialty of the future. Many European, including Czech, universities, pay special attention to the study of this marketing.

Vedlejší specializes in marketing (3MK FPH or 2KK FMV) are programs that HSE students can register for through the university information system. True, you have to go through entrance tests and prove your suitability for training. One of the specialties will help to build a career in the media field and is associated with advertising and communications. The second is aimed at working in companies and the market for goods. The study will cost 3,600 USD.


Address:W. Churchilla Str. 1938/4, 130 67 Praha
Email:  [email protected]
Phone:+420 224 098 525


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