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List of Digital Marketing Institutes in California

California is a great place to live, work, or study. It is known to be among the top economically developed areas in the United States. It’s considered to be number one US territory judging by its gross domestic product, being way ahead of runner-up Texas and New York with a GDP of over 3 million in 2020.

It’s a place of many educational and employment opportunities, known for its growing demand for tech-savvy specialists. There are numerous schools and institutes in Cali which offer various courses, so you have a good selection of educational paths to choose from. Also, digital marketers can earn over $50,000 per year, which makes it a popular career choice in 2021.

Today we will look deeper into some of the best digital marketing programs and courses offered in California, so you could make an educated choice and set yourself up for a future of success!

7 Great Places to Study Digital Marketing in California

Digital marketing and educational industry have been in symbiosis for years now, but their correlation is more prominent now than ever. It is supported by the fact that many students worldwide choose to become marketers, but lack the knowledge to get a good head start. This is why we prepared this article with our list of best Californian institutes that educate youth about digital marketing. Keep reading to learn more about our top 7 picks.

  • University of California (Irvine)

Located in Orange County, this institution is considered among top digital marketing institutes across the US, proudly taking third place in the list made by Great Learning. Education there covers different areas of the subject, spread over eight courses. This university is known for its achievements in innovations and thorough research.
Fun fact about the University of California – three Nobel laureates studied there, which speaks loudly of education quality in UCI.
Currently, an accelerated program is available there – in just three months of studying you can receive a certificate in digital marketing and communications.

  • UCLA Extension (Westwood, Los Angeles)

It wouldn’t come as a surprise that in our time digital marketing is essential for students. Recognizing that, the educational institution UCLA Extension offers a program named Marketing with Concentration in Digital Marketing. It is a great choice for those who want to learn analytics, content strategy, social media and influencer marketing, and much more. This program includes five diverse courses that will help you on your way to becoming a marketing professional. You will receive a certificate upon completion of this program. International students are also accepted with a requirement of proficiency in English.

  • University of La Verne

This institution offers a Digital Marketing Certificate Program. Its purpose is to allow people who want to build up their skills, learn about social media, mobile and website optimization, and channels. This course is short-lasting over only four days, so it’s easy to fit it into anyone’s schedule.

  • Santa Clara University

SCU is ranked high when it comes to marketing schools in California. It offers an excellent undergraduate program that heavily focuses on digital marketing, innovative technologies, and building a marketer’s skillset. One can also choose a postgraduate online program that teaches marketing with an emphasis on learning it in a dynamic and ever-changing modern environment. This program includes fifteen courses and can be finished in a single year.

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  • University of San Diego

USD School of Business offers an undergraduate program that covers everything from digital and social media marketing to analytics as well as product management. This program allows working with real clients and CEO specialists so that students would gain first-hand practical knowledge. Major as well as minor curriculums both include courses on digital marketing. You can also study marketing analytics if you choose a graduate Masters in Business Analytics Degree Program.

  • Menlo College (Atherton)

Menlo offers an undergraduate major marketing degree program that teaches students about consumer behavior, research, analysis, and of course digital marketing strategies. They will also create a plan exploring all practical nuances of digital marketing on their own.

  • University of San Francisco

This popular university offers an undergraduate BSBA in Marketing program for majors and minors. A program teaches students not only about digital marketing but also about behavioral pricing, multicultural segmentation, public relations, research, competition, and much more. The program includes five courses as well as practical work with real clients. Graduate programs include marketing intelligence study using STEM education methods as well as a four-month practicum.

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Of course, you can get digital marketing training outside universities as well – there are numerous courses, schools, agencies, and individual professionals who can set you up with great skills. So, if you don’t feel like completing a program or course at a university, remember that there are other options you can try.

On a right scholarly path

People of any age from across the globe choose to study digital marketing in 2021, as it is on a rise and isn’t likely to lose its position among most in-demand professions of today. Knowing digital marketing will give you an edge compared to other job seekers and will open many doors to successful career opportunities.

Becoming a marketer is tricky and challenging, but having learned in an internationally recognized credible institution that will give you refined life-tested and well-structured knowledge will make this process much more manageable.

Hopefully, our information about prime educational institutions where you can study digital marketing will prove helpful to you, showcasing a multitude of choices you can pursue. Don’t hesitate to start your education today – your future self will definitely think of you for it!

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