10 Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

10 Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the businesses have been impacted as the world economy hit by a coronavirus. It’s a unique opportunity to unite together with the help of digital media. What about businesses? They are going to close or stand out high even in the COVID-19 situation? It’s going to get better with the use of digital marketing if used correctly.

This situation isn’t going last forever and your business isn’t closing. We can see China where the corona outbreak started and now there life is returning on the wheel. There is a small interruption in business because of the COVID-19 situation. And when the situation will be normal your business should not be left behind your competitor and loss of revenue. So in this downtime utilize digital marketing ideas & skill to stand out with your competitors.

Here are 10 Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During Crisis:

  1. Connect with your customers on Social Media during a critical situation

Life got stuck as a coronavirus outbreak. Everything is in lockdown mode either offices or schools, market, shopping, and everything. This the time when everybody sitting at home apart and connected with each other via social media. It’s a great opportunity for your brand to connect with your customer through social media and can promote your social good deeds to build the brand.

  1. Make sure to found your business online

If your business is online it means there is more and more reach to the customers. As in stay at home situation, everybody is glued to their mobiles, computers. Search traffic has increased significantly and it will continue to climb up as per the present situation of COVID-19. This is the time to come out of the shell and climb to the top of the search engine result page by utilizing search engine optimizing strategies. You should make your website visible.

  1. Pay- Per- Click (PPC) Advertising is a Smart Move Right Now

To connect with the customers and to gain a competitive advantage this is a good time for paid advertising. It’s a good opportunity for businesses to use PPC to get good traffic and conversion. People staying at home connected with computers are more interested in online things. It’s a great time to leverage your digital marketing as many businesses go offline. We need to put some of the budgets in digital marketing to capture the market.

  1. Stay Ahead or Jump in Front of Your Competition

If you want your business to be at top of search engine result page then digital marketing will be a great help. To increase the organic traffic of your website and move ahead of your competition you should use SEO technique. Optimizing your website and content is an important factor to be on the top of the search engine page. So it’s perfect time for your business push harder to remain competitive with the use of digital marketing.

  1. Prepare Your Business For a Bounce-back Surge

SEO is a long term strategy for getting organic results for your website. When a normal situation will return after this COVID-19 situation your website will be on top after that also if you will utilize this SEO strategy now. What you do today for the SEO campaign will reflect later also. So prepare and press now while others are letting up.

  1. Special Offers Provide Opportunities in Unique Circumstances  

Be prepared with new strategies during an uncertain time period. People love discounts and offers. By offering special discounts is a great way to engage with your customers and keep your revenue steady flow. You can advertise your special offer through PPC and social media channels.

  1. Local SEO and Online Review is More Relevant

In your geo region, your business should be easily found online to the customers. So you need to make sure your business is using local SEO to optimize your website. This a good time for eCommerce businesses to utilize digital marketing strategies. Reviews are also a great help to make the reputation of your business to the customers. Adding positive reviews is another way to boost your local SEO. Online Reputation Management is also a great help for your business to increase trust for your business in this critical situation. By utilizing digital marketing strategies now your business will stand out.

  1. Be prepared For Your Business and Inform Your Customer

In this COVID situation, people are used to being a stay at home and they are consuming more digital marketing on all fronts. So this the time to find ways to connect with customers. People are looking for more online delivery, the online presence of your business. So it’s time to let your customer know your business is providing online support with all precautionary measures. For any updates, any new business procedure customers should be informed by utilizing social media. All these opportunities can be boosted with social media campaigns. This is the time you should make your business visible digitally.

  1. Stay Wise in the Panic Move

The economy is not going to stop. Markets will be on as people need necessary things to move their lives. People still need goods and services just the mode of marketing change. Businesses need to be more online rather than offline. COVID-19 created a panic situation but you need to take a wise move rather than a panic move. Before making any decision for your business you need to rely on data and metrics. So here implementing digital marketing strategy will be a smart move.

  1. Time to Finish Your Digital To-do List

Since you are staying at home so it’s a perfect time for self-improvement. Online business will work for you. So to get maximum traffic and conversion you need to optimize your site and content. It’s ideal time to do an SEO Audit for your website. Shamsherkhan.com will provide you the training in Digital marketing remotely so that you can perform well in your business. It’s time to skilled yourself with digital marketing so that you can make strategies for running your online business well.

How Small Businesses and Major Brands are Marketing During Coronavirus

This coronavirus impacted the economy a lot. Many businesses shut down. But those considering COVID-19 marketing ideas and think something unique is surviving in this downtime. 

We can take the example of some schools that started running online classes or some schools connect with their students through Facebook live. Some small businesses start sharing videos or photos or any kind of business update on social media. They are utilizing social media marketing strategy.

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Not just only small businesses big businesses have also suffered due to coronavirus. But they also find COVID-19 marketing ideas to make their presence. Major big companies are utilizing smart marketing and advertising campaigns to promote business. Let’s see some examples of big brands initiative.

Google the largest search engine in the world marketing idea during COVID-19 is to spread awareness about coronavirus and how to take precautions. Google shared an infographic on Instagram that aware about washing your hands’ step by step.

KFC also used Instagram to share a social distancing campaign with an infographic while same time promoting their contactless delivery business as well as their industry-leading sanitation & hand washing policies.


How this COVID-19 situation will last nobody knows. So how long business owner will remain their business shut. It’s not the time to sit back despite they should try and gain some insight from these marketing tips during coronavirus and start utilizing for their business. This situation is difficult for everyone but business can flourish even if you will utilize right marketing strategies. Since your customer is searching online so your business should be found online. Utilize this downtime with a smart digital marketing approach and connect with your customers.  

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