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Why is Digital Marketing Important for Politicians?

Want to know how come these politicians win a landslide victory via the digital campaign? Awestruck with voters changing viewpoint, seeing internet approach? Completely understood. This blog will tell you the importance of why suddenly all the political parties choose more digital campaigning.

Every now and then, there is a lot ongoing over the digital platform where people express their selves without any restriction. The impact of these social discussion leads to the popularity of a particular sector of politics that increases the mouth publicity of them and make people around the globe aware of the good deeds that they have done. This popularity has been targeted by the digital marketing experts for the immense digital promotion.

So is the case with the triumph, and the credit goes to the remarkable Internet promotion done by all the party workers five years before the election. Yes, the card wasn’t played a month back, but years back. The party’s strategist used the plus point of India, being proactive on the internet and involved in creative ideas to get the full-swing attention of Indian voters.

In the past two years, India has seen a drastic increase in internet penetration. It is all due to the availability of the 4G internet services at the fingertip, and the cherry on the cake is the easy affordability of the smartphone. By the time 2019 knocked on the nation’s door, almost a generation had access to the WWW – World Wide Web from rural to urban. As per the data by statists, in 2018, the number of smartphone users in India was around 430 million. Half of the country’s data users have active accounts on the popular content sharing platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

According to the information on the net, the active accounts on the internet back in 2019 were – 200 million users on WhatsApp, 300 million on Facebook, and 34 million on Twitter. These figures stated why India is the largest democracy globally as the number of active users is more than any other country. By then, the availability of news was at their fingertips, and users liked to adapt that only for daily routine.


As a reader, you must have understood what’s the power of digital marketing for politicians. It can either make them or break them. In 2021, a general post on Facebook, an aesthetic capture on Instagram, and some quirky posts on Twitter can work as a game-changer for the candidates who are all set to bring opposition down in an election. However, the question remains the same – how can digital marketing influence voters in such a large scale of acceptance? Let’s unleash the secret.

  •   Micro-Targeting: As quoted by Marian Garcia, a professor at the Kent Business School, “Digital marketing can help the political parties to reach fragmented audiences and elusive voters.”

By generating engaging, highly personalized strategy declarations across numerous digital marketing outlets, political nominees can immerse with important demographic committees, such as the millennial, to strengthen conversion. In simple words, social media allows the nominees to create their symbol to engage in forthright communication with the voters.

  •   Analyzing Data: 2021 is the age of diverse data. The users almost regularly develop an enormous amount of news online, which can boost the analyzers anticipate voters behavior towards particular parties or the candidate. Estimation of this information via data can be utilized to give insights into the demographics. Politicians can use these data insights to influence constituents in their direction.
  •   Digital AdvertisingThis low-cost promotion alternative can be used to connect the TG in a significant way. Though the term ‘sponsored’ is commonly referred to in these adverts, humans typically neglect that in the scrolling society. A political party’s reach to its voters increases tremendously through this digital advertisement as the inbuilt digital algorithms help them achieve the precise target voters.



To generate the correct type of talk for the brand, a marketer has to thump the politician party’s face brand message across the internet media, and That’s what the Political Party Did in India & USA.

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