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List Of Digital Marketing Course/ Institutes In Tanzania

Digital marketing can do wonders for developing countries like Tanzania and could elevate the pace of innovation as it is one of the leading technologies adopted by the Tanzanian organizations, for mounting the customer base considering the adoption of the internet is the most opted and affordable way of communication.

The internet dispersion has developed many career paths for the enthusiastic public of Tanzania and offered them a glut of opportunities and strengthen the efficacy and efficiency of businesses. It has been reported that over the last decade majority of sectors have found themselves desperately involved in digital marketing and getting surprised by everyday results like high-profit margins and organization performance as now they are capable of building direct communication with their customers and related partners and optimize their reach to the world. Digital marketing is the most demanding career and encourages your everyday use of motivating strategies with easy fund management and application.

In this busy world one always seeks to stand apart, with the practical knowledge of the digital marketing world you can excel in the arena of your business fronts and can make an exciting career with unending demand, your search ends here with the availability of Result oriented courses at these top institutes of Tanzania with expert insight and certification.

Here you can find the extract list of Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Tanzania.

#1. Dar es Salaam School of Journalism

Dar es Salaam School of Journalism is a fully accredited and recognized institute in Tanzania which offers certificate, diploma level and short courses of digital marketing, possessing an experienced base of digital marketing instructors which happens to induce a lifetime intellectual, interpretative and practical skills among their students that has to lead to an established mass of former students in private, government and international organizations under the umbrella of the digital marketing field.

Courses they offer:

=>Graphic Designing

=>Diploma in Digital Marketing

=>Online Social Media Marketing

=>Online Media Professional Practitioner

=>Short Courses of Digital Marketing for four (4) weeks to four (4) months.

Course fee: TSHS. 300,000

Mode: Classroom

Address: Dar es Salaam School of Journalism,
Sharriff Shamba Area, Ilala Bungoni,
P.O. Box 25444,
Dar es salaam.

Phone number: 0655 573 294 | 0735 573 294
0735 573 297 | 0738 971 289



#2. Morogoro School Of Journalism

Morogro School of Journalism is the prominent digital media training institute effectively leveraging its primary resourcefulness policy and advancing technology to impair uprising skills and knowledge in Tanzania. Their composed concentration is to turn interested individuals into certified professionals and strengthen them in all aspects of technology with advanced problem-solving approaches and methods.

Courses they offer:

=>Online Social Media Marketing

=>Graphics Design for Electronic and Printing Media

Tuition fee: 1,000,000 TSH per Year

Mode: Classroom

Address: Morogoro School Of Journalism
P. O BOX 1287, EMAIL:[email protected]

Phone number: +255 655 699 237, +255 745 112 714



#3. The College Of Business Education

The college of Business Education is an autonomous institution, aims towards overcoming the fear of missing out and focus upon creating valuable relationships through making Tanzania smart in this technological advance digital world full of influencers, through grasping the concept of extensive implementation of marketing strategies across the major online marketing channels with their wide range of time-efficient short courses for online marketing students and business professionals.

Courses they offer:

=>Short Courses of Digital Marketing

=>Fundamentals of Modern Marketing.

=>Email Marketing

=>SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

=>YouTube Marketing

=>Social Media Marketing (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Google AdWords

=>Google Analytics.

=>Tanzania legal aspects of digital marketing

Course fee: 240,000 Tshs

Mode: Classroom

Address: Bibi Titi Mohamed Rd. P. O. Box 1968, Dar es Salaam

Phone number: +255-022-2150177




Under the influence of digital marketing many business personals and students of Tanzania are getting able to add significant value and meaning to their lives and making ways for their business in receipt of worth and demand all over the world, and enrolling into digital marketing courses leading by experienced professionals can increasing their capacity ten folds with every passing day as there is no verge of interesting and result in oriented courses which will help you stand apart from the crowd and make your worth.

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