Best 5 digital Marketing Consultant in Dubai

You have a digital marketing problem. You know the one – how to get more leads, how to convert them into customers and how to do so at the lowest cost possible.

But good businesses understand that they can’t create marketing campaigns in a vacuum. That’s why they hire experts to help them with their marketing.

If your business needs help with creating digital marketing strategy, planning or management, you need a digital marketer who is highly trustworthy and will tell it to you straight. You need something genuine and authentic, not some schmoozer pretending to be your partner but actually just trying to get the check signed on the first date.

Here is the list of Best Digital Marketing Consultant In Dubai


Gaurav Oberoi is a Harvard Business School graduate with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) who has worked in technology, digital marketing, and training and coaching for over ten years.

Gaurav has worked as a Google Regional Trainer and Consultant and is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Business Coach for a number of firms. He has been training professionals and companies on digital marketing strategy since 2012, and has trained over 5000 individuals and 250 organizations

In the last ten years, he has had three successful exits as a serial entrepreneur. He has worked in the digital industry on all four sides (As a Digital Agency Owner, As a Client, As a Trainer & As Software architect developing software using Google & Facebook APIs).

He merged the Digital Firm with GroupM in 2015 after successfully running the agency for a few years. Gaurav has worked closely with customers in a variety of industries to design digital marketing strategies, provide digital marketing training and coaching, and manage millions of dollars in digital media budgets. 

Ford Motors, Sapient, the World Health Organization (WHO), and Dabur International are just a few of the blue-chip customers and campaigns that he is passionate about.

Gaurav frequently attends international conferences and events as a keynote speaker. He has received numerous awards for his contributions to the fields of education and technology..



  • Advertising Specialized Modules
  • Design & Development Specialized Modules
  • Content Specialized Modules
  • Advanced Analytics & SEO Specialized Modules
  • Marketing & Designing Tools
  • Marketing Automation Specialized Modules
  • Digital Sales Specialization Modules
  • Monetising Specialized Modules
  • Mobile Specific Specialization Modules

Phone :  +971 52 437 1377

Email : [email protected]

Address : Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort, JBR, Dubai


#2. Prof. Christian Farioli

My first position was in the IT sector of Telecom Italia, Italy’s largest telco, and then I moved into sales and spent five years at Oracle. I began using my enthusiasm for technology to boost sales, and one day I realized it was all Digital Marketing, and I finally defined my true calling.

I’m Christian Farioli, a digital marketing strategy speaker and trainer. As an IT developer, I’ve always approached problems with the mindset that if computers can perform millions or billions of processes per second, we should be able to sell much more than just human resources.

To get more results, we need to leverage technology.


  • Marketing consultant
  • Digital Marketing Speaker
  • Digital Branding
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Selling
  • Web Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Telemarketing

Phone : +971 55 889 2295

Email : [email protected]

Address : Rimal 3- Jumeirah beach Residence- Dubai- United Arab Emirates


#3. Pankaj Singh

Hello, my name is Pankaj Singh, and I’ve always been fascinated by technology and the Internet. With its ever-changing landscape, the way the Internet creates new channels of communication and potential for businesses to reach new clients has always fascinated me.

During my school years, I focused entirely on studying whatever I could about technology, marketing, and communications Following my graduation from ICFAI University in Dehradun with a Bachelor of Technology, I pursued my true vocation in business and marketing by completing a Masters of Business Administration at Manipal University in Dubai.

In addition, I’ve worked on email marketing campaigns, content marketing strategies, SEO, website research, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and company branding. Over the years, I’ve built up numerous PPC (Pay Per Click) and social media campaigns that have resulted in the acquisition of hundreds of new clients and thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

The digital marketing landscape is always evolving, developing, and growing in importance as part of a company’s marketing strategy. You don’t have time to handle all of your digital marketing demands while still taking care of your customers, which is why you need a dedicated specialist to handle your online marketing plan.

All of your digital marketing needs, in whatever form they may take, are in good hands with the abilities and experience I’ve gained over the years.


  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Startup Growth Hacking

Phone : +971 55 8436317


Address : International City – England Cluster – Dubai – United Arab Emirate


#4. Armel Shami

I’ve helped build businesses for a number of well-known companies all throughout the world. I began my work in 2004 and launched Armelson in 2013. Since then, I’ve been involved in the development of brands, online presences, marketing channels, and strategies for a variety of businesses utilising the most up-to-date digital methods and technology.

From developing a brand concept that creates a persona of your vision to developing Marketing and Sales Channels and Strategies that grow you from a startup to a profitable business, I’ve built my experience and the secret recipe for growth by doing these for many successful businesses over and over again.

Nature and, without a doubt, the most essential need of today’s modern society, Technology, inspire me to generate more effective and convincing concepts.

Armelson designs and develops your brand character with a creative flair that helps your company stand out in a crowded market. You can always count on us when it comes to cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking to achieve the best results.


  • Branding
  • Websites
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Ecommerce Solution
  • Consultation and Training

Phone : +971 50 699 6870

Websites :

Address : 12th Floor Business Bay Dubai- United Arab Emirates


#5. Zahir Shah

Zahir Shah has established himself as the go-to SEO services supplier in Dubai for businesses of all sizes and sorts. In reality, Zahir Shah is one of the most experienced and sought-after SEO and digital marketing experts in the GCC/Middle East region. 

We have observed sharp trends in our business and clientele since opening our Dubai office in 2005, and we owe our clients’ trust to them.

With the help of our SEO and Digital Marketing teams, we can achieve your objectives with a laser-like focus. We get you to the top of Google’s SERPs, never hesitating to go the extra mile to reach that goal, with the mantra that people rarely turn to Google’s page 2 to get what they’re looking for strongly embedded in our mindset.

Our efforts and focus are unaffected by the size or kind of your project; regardless of how big or small it is, we approach it as a challenge and create results that speak for themselves. And, speaking of project scale, we’ve completed a number of large projects, so we’re ready to take on your challenging work as well! Contact us and we’ll show you how.

You won’t have to go anywhere else to get your SEO and Digital Marketing needs handled once you’ve arrived at; we do it all, and we do it well. 

Work with us to explore how competitive we can make you in a short period of time, with long-lasting effects. Give us a chance and you might join the large and increasing list of our delighted, and possibly returning, customers!

Services :

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO Services
  • SEO Consultancy
  • SEO Training
  • Pay Per Click
  • Web Analytics
  • SEO Link Building

Phone : +971 55 351 4454

Website :

Address: Building 7, Unit 401, Bay Square, Business Bay Dubai 


While many aspects of digital marketing have evolved considerably since 2010, the principles of success have stayed constant, and digital marketers are constantly in need of assistance in staying current. Consider utilizing the instructions above to find the top digital marketing trainer in Dubai if you’re seeking for a means to break into the world of online marketing or if you want to extend your current knowledge and expertise.

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