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When to Use What? Confused between HOMEPAGE / LANDING PAGE?

A landing page is often synonymously used as Homepage. The Landing page does not have the same elements as your homepage such as navigation links and multiple CTAs- Call-to-Action.

Home pages have different goals than what landing pages offer. Your website should have a strategy, quantitative goals and a specific orientation to what it needs to achieve.

Landing pages are very focused in nature, while a homepage tends to be cluttered and is a place where users can find all the information.


Now What exactly is a HOME PAGE and when to use it?

A Home page is just like the front door of your house. People make judgments when they arrive at your home and they quickly look around to know you. HOME PAGE is like your first impression of the website. According to the research, people spend at least 10 minutes on your home page before navigating further or hitting the back button. a customer expects solutions to their problems when they visit your site. They should realize how different you are from the competitors and what niche you have built for its customers.

The Home Page’s goal is to immediately connect with the customers and direct them to move through the content available on the website and definitely to learn more.

Take your time in creating a home page that delivers better results and continuously optimise over time.

The Primary objective of the homepage is to direct the visitors to another page- a page that satisfies their informational needs.

Even when you’re listing the basic business information like phone numbers, working hours, staff names then also Homepage is used because such elements don’t require action-oriented landing page.



When you’re getting your Business for the first time: Homepage or Landing Page?- Homepage, maybe. WHY?

Because Homepage is the natural initial point of the website when you don’t have one. Also, going ahead with your website with a basic homepage makes sense and will expand your site.

home page example

But some businesses prefer a more convenient, effective and good-looking way by using an easy landing page builder like Leadpages and Instapages to create a mini site landing page.

A minisite is a small website with a narrow subject focus or fewer pages. It covers all the important details in different sections of a single page.

mini site example

What’s a landing page?

A Landing page is usually linked or the destination of the traffic-building device of some sort of outside source. Pay-per click ads, social posts, emails are common examples.

The major goal of the landing pages is to convert all the site visitors into leads. The page is specifically designed with keeping conversion in mind. Landing pages are also excellent sources for on-site search engine optimization.

Lnding pages are simplified and have no distractions. They are intended for a very specific purpose.

Landing pages as used specifically build to drive traffic for a specific marketing campaign goal. The focuses are solely on the intent of the page such as sign-ups or to sell a product.

Landing Page Means,  No Distractions – No options – Only Single Action Noted

Using Land pages, your website is geared towards the selling of a particular product, to grow email list and you avoid the risk of cluttering the minds of the visitors.

landing page example

When you’re launching something new such as a new product, live event, a new project or a new book then landing page will serve better than a homepage. When you can pinpoint exactly the action you want your audience to take: show them a landing page. When you can’t: your homepage is fine.


Conclusion: A Landing page can be used for running Facebook campaigns and you can also offer something special such as a freebie, coupons, limited time bonus etc.. You can tout such things on the homepage but it will show a better impact on the home page. Landing pages are also used for paid search campaigns like PPC/Google Adwords.

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Landing Pages for WordPress

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