Daily Social Media Strategy Checklist for Business

Monitoring social networking doesn’t necessarily have to undertake your entire workday – especially if you’re in small businesses and don’t have the necessary resources for being constantly glued to your social platforms.

In addition to improving your marketing efforts by using a social monitoring tool, there are a few key points that marketing teams should hit upon every day as a way to generate an effective social mass media strategy.


Are you looking for a quick and easy way to manage your social networking strategy? Follow this checklist so that it is being attacked equally quickly and efficiently:


  • Check any alerts that occurred after you were offline/sleeping
  • Respond to a poor interaction with you
  • Review what’s operating, what’s not working, which posts are receiving by far the most clicks and conversions
  • Schedule your messages for the rest of the day. Be sure to utilize both new and old websites, landing pages for the premium gives, and trending topics that relate to your industry
  • Retweet, like, favorite and share the social content of thought leaders within your industry
  • Comment and share relatable content material as your brand – connection is key!
  • Monitor trending topics that relate to your industry; constantly look for methods to participate in the conversation because your brand
  • Check out your rivals – What are they sharing on social networking? What does their follower count resemble?
  • Make new connections; brands can’t expect everybody else to make the first transfer. If you’re on Twitter, start following other brands and the ones that are your target market.

Use this checklist as a template for one’s social media strategy. From here, you can set specific goals to suit your needs and your team.

Based on your own audience and needs, commit to 10 retweets per day and 5 new connections or some other amount that makes sense to your account (Saucedo to automate this process).

Social media won’t demonstrate results overnight, the most important thing is consistency. Create a well-defined social media strategy and stick to it.

Conclusion: having a social media strategic plan is the prerequisite for any business to thrive in this highly competitive online market. Keep this checklist in mind before executing any business plan and in managing your social media performance.

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If you know any additional pointers for monitoring social networking? Let us know in your comments below!

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