Why CXO Needs Digital Marketing Knowledge to Grow Their Business

Many gurus have called the internet “the biggest resource of our time.” This is because it has unlocked so many possibilities and opportunities for business. Many organizations are facing a convergence of change that has come with the internet and the resulting environment it has created.

There is a growing demographic diversity, changing media consumption habits, and the rise of interactive technology. All of which have changed the way consumers attain information and grow – to a larger extent how they digest it.

Digital marketing is the technique whereby you use specific, interactive and quantifiable methods to advertise and market your products and services using digital media. This is with the purpose of reaching as many people as possible with the objective of engaging them and making them your customers.

Unlike the expensive traditional marketing techniques like advertising on print media such as posters, pamphlets, commercial ads on radio and television, billboards and others, digital marketing helps you to be more efficient by targeting your intended clients. This gives you a more refined audience which means that your message reaches the correct audience and not just anybody. For corporate executives, understanding digital marketing is the answer to attaining new heights for the business and helping it grow bigger and more profitable. Here are the top reasons why CXOs need to have a sound digital marketing foundation.


The reach                                                                                       

The world has gone digital and as fewer people continue to buy newspapers, those companies that refused to go digital died off and slowly moved into extinction. More people of every socio-economic group are getting laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Therefore the notion that digital marketing is aimed at an upscale audience is simply not right. Today more than ever, we see everyone from children to old people using these devices. Therefore, your market can be anyone from a 16-year-old to an 85-year-old. What’s more, the marketing campaign reaches them directly on their devices unlike traditional advertisement and commercialization media where you had to go out to see the billboards, posters, etc.


Directly interact with your clients

One of the biggest creations of the digital age is the search engines. Today if anyone needs to find out about anything, they will first ask a search engine which then crawls through the internet to find the most relevant material according to what the user searched. According to research, before consumers buy anything whether online or in a physical store, they will first go online and look for the necessary reviews which will, in turn, help them to make a decision on a product. This is a huge opportunity for any business. The businesses that have a proper online presence stand to not only promote their goods and services but also to build a brand which users readily recognize and trust. And forbusinesses, nothing is as important the reputation of a brand.


It’s a more affordable option

Traditional marketing techniques are often very expensive. Placing ads in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, phonebooks and directories was a bit too expensive for many businesses. For a small business, it’s difficult to pay such sums for a small section in a newspaper. What digital marketing has done is that it has enabled users to not only scout for goods they want to buy but also find out whether the product comes as advertised. Digital marketing has allowed business owners to market their wares for a tiny fraction of what they could have used using traditional media but still reaching a much larger targeted audience. This simply spells out a win-win for the business. For CXOs, this is welcomed news since less expenditure means more profits for the company.


Gives room for creativity

The best thing about digital marketing is that it levels the playing field for those who have the biggest budgets and those with just enough to spend. What dictates the success of any digital campaign is mainly the creativity and innovation of the campaign. There are multiple outlets where you can market your products and build a name for your brand. Creativity helps to out-strategize your competition and gain the upper hand in the market space you are involved in. By utilizing creative ideas and smart, original content, you can engage your audience and keep them entertained at the same time. The most successful campaigns are those that are simple and witty. This helps your audience help you further by sharing your content so that it’s seen on a larger scale.


Gives you measurable results

Being able to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign is crucial. Apart from the above benefits of digital marketing, the level of feedback you get is incredible. With the feedback you get from an existing campaign, you can tweak your parameters to make your campaigns more efficient. As digital marketing platforms continue to get more complex by the day, the amount of feedback you get will give you all the details you need to create better campaigns. Unlike the traditional marketing platforms where you need market and customer research, the results of digital marketing flow directly to you with incredible accuracy and detail in real time.


Conclusion: Therefore, to be more effective, CXOs need to learn about digital marketing and the impact it can have on business. Taking a digital marketing course will not only help you to learn the ropes of the trade, but you can also learn how to implement ideas in such a way that they have maximum impact on the business. Getting digital marketing training sets you in a position where you can properly digest the data that comes in via your marketing campaigns and use it to become more productive.

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