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How to Create Your a Website for Lead Generation

Does Your Small Business REALLY Need a Website?

If you are reading this tutorial, I believe that you need a website. In this article, I would like to explain that if you want to create a website what are the things you need and how to get domain, hosting and free cms to build your first website without any technical skill.

your first website guide

What kind of website do you want?

There are various types of website you have the option to create for your business. The easiest way to get started with your online presence is probably to create a business page on OR  a web page on it is all free.

Okay,  so now you are thinking that is facebook page is a website? Yes. any space on the web where we can showcase our products and services or information about us can be named website. As it is a site (space) on the web which is connected to world wide web and can be accessed from anywhere.

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But there is a limitation with this kind of sites these sites I mean Facebook business or your website on Weebly is a third party hosted a website where functionalities are limited and your site is under control of the service provider the only best thing is it is all free with a limitation of customization.

Got it??

Don’t worry you may not want this kind of site and you need a site like this: or  right??

At some point, if you want complete control over the look and feel of your web site, youʼll need to roll out your own site.  So, keep reading this article till last.

Having your own website also means you can have your own domain name like instead of a less desirable web address such as OR

In fact, if you havenʼt done any of that, you should probably start with that right now with this step by step tutorial on how to create your first website with domain name, web hosting and cms.

The Important basics you need to know:

You are browsing the internet with an internet browser such as Google Chrome,  Microsoft Internet Explorer on your PC computer or maybe Safari if you have a Mac computer.

Whenever you go to a web address like, your computer actually makes a  DNS lookup to find the internet address (IP address 1) for “”. This IP address is an address on the internet where another computer is waiting to serve your request. That other computer is called a web server.

Your computer then contacts that web server and requests the homepage for the site. which is uploaded /hosted on the server. Then the web server sends that page to your computer over the internet, and your web browser will display it to you.

When you click on a link, the same process repeats and you receive a new web page for your browser to display on your computer screen.

This IP address might look something like but you donʼt really need to worry about those IP address numbers for now.


Let’s Get Started: Your Own Website with Custom Web Address.

Create your own website with custom domain name and design of your own choice with full control over your website without any hassle.

So What You need to Create One?

Now, if you want other people to visit your web site like with their own web browsers, you will need the following things:

  •  A registered domain name like
  •  A web server to serve requests for
  •  An actual web site, that is: web content or web pages, images, videos and text information all organized as a web page.  if you will, that the web server can send back to the requesting browser when someone types from anywhere on the globe.


Domain Name: How to Get one Like

To book a domain name first you need to search and check if it is available to register.  Domain names are managed and invented by ICANN an organization responsible for managing several domains and domain related databases worldwide. Domain names are available to book from domain registrar website such as GoDaddy.

domain name

 There are million of domain registrar are available worldwide you can check domain availability and book a domain from any registrar all are under ICANN.

Note: ICANN does not sell domain name directly.

A well know place for registering domain names is,, Hostgator, Bluehost and Siteground but donʼt register your domain there just yet. As you will find out, there are many companies give you domain name as a free bonus when signing up for web hosting.

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Once you are done with buying a domain name you can go ahead and book web hosting to point with your domain name you just purchased.


Hosting: How do you get a web Hosting server?

Web hosting is space on a web server that is professionally hosted by a web hosting service provider and their hosting server is computers connected 24/7 with world wide web.

Hosting services provider is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet. Web sites are hosted or stored, on special computers called servers.

You need to buy little space on the server to upload your website so that it can be accessed from all over world 24/7.

website hosting server

Unfortunately, you cannot use your own computer as a web server. That is because your own computer will not be online all the time. And when youʼre not online, people would not be able to visit your website.

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The hosting company can also register your domain name for you and take care of mapping it to the IP address of their web servers. That makes it very easy for you to get started.

So, to buy web hosting you need to visit any web hosting service provider such as Siteground, GoDaddy, Bigrock, Bluehost etc as all companies provides domain name also sell hosting server and other products related to websites and server.

Website: How do You Build Your website / web pages / web content?

Back in the early days of the web, when technologies were not enhanced. you would have used a piece of software called an HTML editor to hand craft your website. Popular software options were Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia DreamWeaver, Adobe GoLive, etc. to design a web page by writing codes.

You may also have used image editors like Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Fireworks to prepare graphics for your website.

cms (content management system)

Don’t be afraid. You no need to write codes and script to design a website Now!

Professional web designers still use these tools today. The most popular tools to design custom websites are Photoshop and Dreamweaver by Adobe.

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However, if you are not a web designer yourself, you donʼt need to worry about this kind of software. You have three easier and faster options to get your website live.


3 easy way to get your website ready:

You could do either one of these:

#1: Hire a web designer

If you are building a professional web site for your business and have a budget, hiring a professional website designer is probably the best option to go with, the only thing you need to care is choose one who is really experienced. there are million of designer are ready to get hired on

#2: Use a free online website building tool called CMS

Most web hosting companies will provide you a free online tool to design & build your first website just by selecting a ready made website template, selecting colors, selecting graphics and entering some text to get your website ready.

They make the process very easy for you and you can literally get your first website out in a matter of hours with these free tools called website builder. You can then gradually refine it and add multiple pages over time and make it more beautiful.

#3: Use a  CMS (Content Management System)

A Content Management System – also known as CMS – is a web based software that runs on your web server, not on your computer.

A CMS also called web content management system (WCMS) is a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages to create and manage website content with relative ease. Almost all web hosting company provides easy installation of the CMS of your choice so you donʼt really have to worry about it. Getting started with a CMS will be almost as easy as using an online site builder.

A CMS will power your site with more than just information pages. A CMS can typically add interactive features such as:

  • A blog with the ability for visitors to comment
  • A forum with the ability for users to register and start conversations
  • A photo album with the ability for you to easily add photos at any time
  • A business website with the ability to show information and let your customer enter their inquiry on your website.
  • An Online Commerce site with the ability for your customer to explore products and order online with payment.

The CMS will also provide you with statistics on your visits and other additional features you may like.

For example, for blogs, popular CMS choices include WordPress and Joomla. Don’t worry, your web hosting provider will provide easy installation option for you when you buy web hosting space.


Here is how you can choose a good hosting company?

This is your most important choice at this point: choosing the right hosting company to host your first website!

And that can get quite overwhelming quite fast…  So, Search for a webs hosting plan in your favorite search engine and you will see what I want to say…

Many websites hosting selling companies sell hosting plans that include more or less hard drive space that is called storage to store your web pages and more or less bandwidth to transfer your web pages to your visitors that is called bandwidth as well as you can see the number of professional emails included in their plan list.

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But, if you are new in this and just starting out for your first website, you donʼt really need to worry about these technical terms!  Any web hosting plan from any reputable web hosting company will fit your needs.

Note: if you are a small business owner and creating a small website or blog it is better to with a basic plan.

If your website gets widely popular in the future and you started getting tens of thousands of visits every day, you may need to upgrade to a bigger hosting plan in the future but that is not a  concern for now.

Actually, the most important difference you will find from one company to another is the quality of their tech support. Some companies will be easy to contact, some wonʼt. Some will be helpful, some wonʼt. Some will be friendly, some wonʼt.

The quality of tech support is pretty hard to grasp from a companyʼs website. And if you actually try to contact them, you will be put in touch with the sales department, not the tech support department. And with the most hosting service provider you can not contact them directly, yes you need to create a support ticket and then they will reply you there. Means contact via system and emails only, Not over the phone.

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So Before buying your hosting must check their support quality and read their hosting service reviews on the web. Here,  I would like to suggest you go with the one who is local companies from your country. If you are in India I would recommend you to go with either Bigrock or Siteground. I have already used these both companies and their support is quite good.

For that matter, you can search for reviews on each hosting company on Google Before you buy.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Domain, Hosting & CMS?

The cost for a Domain Name:  There are different extensions are available in domain names but probably if you are going to create a professional business or personal website/blog. You should book .com or country extension such as .in, .uk, .pk, etc

.Com is oldest and most easy and popular domain extension and it cost you around 6$/Year. However .in and other like .net, .org etc are a little bit cheaper than .com  price can differ from companies to companies you are booking from.

Creating a website is much cheaper than paying your phone bill.

But getting cheaper prices often requires you to commit to a certain length of time: one year, two years, three years… some web hosting companies even offer their best price only if you sign up for four (4!) years and pay in advance!

I would recommend you sign up for two years maximum in advance. That will get you good prices without having to put out too much cash up front.

The cost for Hosting Server:   I would like to warn you here that very cheap hosting typically comes with pretty cheap technical support! If you go for cheap, make sure you select your host carefully after checking their hosting reviews on google by other users.

CMS Costing:  world top cms’s are free & open source all popular cms like WordPress, Joomla, Ghost etc are open source and free to use with tons of free available website template/themes and plugins developed by volunteers.

Warning: do not fall into the “free hosting” caveat. They will add their own ads all over your site and sometimes you wonʼt even see those ads yourself. (They will hide them from you using cookies and free hosting service providers will down the server sometime and send you emails to upgrade for their paid plan later.


Nothing is free in this world; when they give you domain or hosting free they take your time to call them for tech issue with site down almost everyday too free with the FREE products.


Conclusion:  I hope you got the concept of creating a website and its requirements now it is time to go ahead and book a domain name and hosting and login into your hosting and use any free cms software to design your website without any technical skills.

if you need any kind of technical support I am here to help you.  Totally Free! drop me an email at [email protected]


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