Create Your Website from the scratch Using Free CMS or HTML Templates

Creating Your First Website from the scratch? [CMS or Coded]

Who has never wanted to write on his own blog or wanted to build a website for his business? If you want to do it you will probably deal with a lot of issues.

Fortunately, the web is a fabulous place to find out all information you need to carry out your goal. In this article, I’m going to give you what you need to achieve your dream: build a website using free cms or free pre-designed templates.

Nowadays, having a website is very important otherwise you will be missing out on a big piece of the pie! Your website is your public showroom where everyone who is connected to the internet can access it.

So, in this Article, I’ll let you know how you can perfectly release your website. From the scratch to the top!

First, I’m going to give you advantages and disadvantages between a CMS and a coded website, and which host you should choose.

Then, I going to introduce you the power of a good landing page.

and finish my article by one of the biggest parts you’ll deal with: Promotion of your website.

move from code to cms


Choose between CMS and code

CMS: Short for “content management system”, it allows you to create and manage your website with almost no knowledge of HTML and CSS. Fundamentally, it simplifies you to upload posts, pictures and whatever you want on your website. You can start your website with the template and modify them after.

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It exists a lot of editors that offer you their software depending on what you want to do on your website: blog, e-commerce, pictures…

The most famous are WordPress, Joomla!, Wix and Drupal but if you do some researches on the internet you will find a lot of others CMS.


For sure there are advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages:

  • You can upload by yourself all the content you want;
  • You decide how to build your website;
  • Template are very modern and you can find for most every kind of website;
  • You have a lot of plug-ins that you can add on your website very easily;
  • SEO and Mobile friendly;

The disadvantages:

  • Figure out how a CMS is working could take time. For the simple tasks, it could be easy but if you want to add more design and plugin, it can become more difficult to use.
  • From the creation of the maintenance, you are alone.Each little problem you come across, you have to find out a solution by yourself.

Code: To code, a website is something that seems very difficult in the beginning. Although it’s not impossible…

Coding your own website is better if you want to be more unique and implement a design that no one has already implemented it.

If you have no knowledge of HTML and CSS and you absolutely want to learn it, then go for it! This will always be useful. For me, coding has a major problem: it takes time.

The advantages:

  • Unique design;
  • You implement what you want to see;
  • It’s totally free;
  • You can implement a very complex and big website;

The disadvantages:

  • You need knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP …
  • It takes time

To close this chapter, if you want to build your website because either you want your customers to find your company on the internet or you want to create a blog: go for a CMS.

While if you want to build a big beautiful and designed website: go for Coded Website.

code website

Choose your friend???   I mean Choose your Host  🙂

After choosing between either a CMS or a coded website, you must decide a host in order to publish your website online.

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So now you have three possibilities: Shared Hosting, Virtual Server, and Virtual Private Server. First one is the cheapest and last one is the most expensive, with, of course, different settings between them.

And your choice is still depending on your goal.

For a Blog or a showcase website, a shared Hosting is enough. Although, if you imagine that your website will bring a lot of intense traffic and be implemented by thousands of pages, I recommend you to invest in a Virtual Private Server if your budget allows otherwise choosing shared hosting to make sense.

choose your hosting

Get further information about web hosting  (website hosting help).

Coming soon page

If you don’t already know, a database is one of the most important things you can have.

This is one of the powers of the “Coming Soon Page”.

Building a “Coming Soon Page” allows you to get you first email addresses to add to your database. In addition, they are people who are very interested in your website! Keep those visitor’s addresses in very a good location.

When your website will be ready to be launched, you can reach them and it will be your first source of traffic.

By creating a “Coming Soon Page” you can create a sense of curiosity. People who don’t know your project could be intrigued by either what you are going to do or who is behind this new website.

Like the launching of a new product, if you make people impatient to see/to buy your product, they will jump on it directly when you launch it.

coming soon page

Coming soon page is, for me, a very good opportunity if you do it well!

Promote your website

I conclude this article by saying that launching your website doesn’t stop when you upload it on the web. If you want traffic or sell something on it, you have to promote it.

when it comes to promotion search engine’s are the primary channel for promotion of your websites because most of the people search for products or information using search engines like google, yahoo, and bing. So, in order to bring traffic from search engines, you need to index your website in their database.

Here is Google Tools for website indexing and managing search presence:

and for that, you have different solutions such as improving your SEO, paying for ads on Google AdWords, build link with other websites…. You can be active on Social Media in order to manage a community as well.

Promoting your website is another big barrier to reaching the success. Keep trying, never give up is the secret of a powerful website!


Closing Thoughts:  I hope this article will help you to create your own website and enlighten you on those different ways to reach it.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me in a comment, I’ll be happy to answer you.

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